Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Thanks, @Nablai, @KAJordan2.

Duly recorded, and will join sometime soon.


I got some writing done, got a few drawings finished and my San Jose Sharks just beat the Vegas Golden Knights. (Hockey)

Best part? I live in Las Vegas. I’m seriously considering wearing a Sharks T-Shirt to work tomorrow.


I’m baaaaack! Finished the first scene after we moved. It’s been 9 months without much real writing, as all my energy went to downsizing, selling the house, picking our ‘forever home,’ and moving. And we’re here, waiting for the final two-bedroom apartment to be refurbished.

Some days, I thought I’d never write again.

I’m happy again. It was pretty rough not writing.

I can’t tell the difference between how I feel about this scene, and how I feel about the one completed 9 months ago, so that’s good.


Speaking of sharks, did you see the shark song done by Corden, Groban, and Turner? Hilarious if you’ve seen how kids are crazy about it.


Fantastic news! :smiley:


Post a few here!


I just discovered this thread! I"ve been lurking essentially thinking that I was the only person of a certain age here.

I’m 37 and just beginning to discover my love for writing fiction again after decades in a career that required very technical, logical, and unemotional writing. I really want to fix that.

Hello all!


Technical writing does that to a body.


Here are the last three I finished. And I had to show my wife the baby shark song lol. My youngest is now 14 but I have friends with little kids who have to endure that song.


Congrats on your paperback sale! Hope your pup is okay.


Sharks? Booooo. Go Knights! :wink: I live in Vegas, too. Have you been to a game yet? I’m not a hockey fan, but I want to go just to see what all the fuss is about.


She was up and ready to go this morning. Eating and drinking just fine. My Jack Russell cleaned the wound for her. Kept her on the leash when the horses came in so she wouldn’t get kicked. She even let the alpacas in their stall without nipping. She’s a good baby.


Love all that shading. My sister has been teaching herself a lot. She did animation in college but recently took up art again and is back in college this week for the first time in 25 years. Some of her work: You can see her progression in the self portraits she’s been figuring out how to paint better.




The drawings are lovely. Reminded me of school days when I used to draw using a 6B pencil only. Love the variations the shade used to offer.

@AviHenry Welcome to The Pub and the forums :slight_smile:


I just found this thread.
Happy to be here. I was about to think that all the wattpad was just for teenagers writing everything there is to know about emotions…
Nice to see also fellow humans around


Checked out your sister’s paintings and I’m impressed. She paints beautifully. :slight_smile:


Hey there, everyone! I’ve been on Wattpad one month and literally just found The Pub. How did I miss the fact that there are other writers my age on here before, lol? Anyway, nice to meet you all! Feel free to call me Liz, though I’ll be upfront that Liz is a pen-name so you won’t find me if you try to connect outside of Wattpad. I write full-time for a living and am traditionally published with four books on shelves. I joined Wattpad about a month ago for the main purpose of experimenting with a new genre - something very, VERY different from what I write in real life. The appeal in doing something like that here, under a pen-name, is that for once I was about to share my writing completely free of any expectations. SO STRANGE AND WONDERFUL.

Anyway, nice to meet you all! I’ll scroll back through this thread today and try to follow folks.


Nice to meet you, welcome to the forums


Thank you!