Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



No problem.


Hello Liz! We’re easy to miss amongst the chatter of the younger generations, but we do exist.


You make us sound like dinosaurs lurking in the jungle…

Hey again, @LizLaneWrites


Yessss. I feel ancient here, lol.


You may think that. I couldn’t possibly comment :slight_smile:


I’ve been a Sharks fan since they started in 91. I even saw a couple of games when they still played in the Cow Palace and not the SAP Center. I’m not about to switch teams now. I do love how much the valley has embraced the Knights. It reminds me of how nuts the entire Bay Area went when the Sharks started. You totally need to see a game live. It’s amazing to see just how fast they are. I can’t afford tickets right now.


I will take a look. I’m glad you like them. I am probably going to have to get new pencils soon. Some of them are looking more like golf pencils than real pencils. The 8B pencil is a blast to use, I also have some charcoal pencils I haven’t even messed around with yet.


You are not the only one.




That’s most teachers without coffee…

Nice photo!


Not mine. It’s how I feel in this world sometimes. Out of place…


You know if you stand still, I can’t see you? I must need new glasses.


Mum took in a dog that belonged to an old neighbour who died. It had been kicked by a horse and had some problems: she would jump over shadows as if they were holes and got frightened easily. I called her the Borderline Collie. Hope your doggo recovers with no troubles.

There are at least three 35+ threads and I’ve been bouncing to whichever one has a recent post.

Pretty quiet here, except this morning I could hear hounds baying up on the mountain to the east— probably some heavily-armed wretch out after a mountain lion. Hope he gets frostbite instead.

A former prof got in touch to ask permission to use a couple lines from one of my poems, which will be carved into a boulder and placed outside a natural history museum. Which put me in a fit of laughing. I said yes.


Hello there
Funny U’re talking about Schrodinger’s cats, I begin my story with one of them (but in did not open the box yet).

Don’t worry about my bad english, I’m writing in french :heart_eyes:


I love this one !


Hello there, It’s been a pleasure to travel with you, reading this thread.That was pretty much unexpected actually.
Thank you all for that.


There’s a point where even new glasses won’t help anymore - unfortunately. But hey, sometimes it’s better not to see everything going on out there…


Shopping is done, bench put together, hanging here instead of writing, cold beer in hand… It’s all good.


I hear you. Those tickets are ridiculously expensive from what I hear!


You’re not kidding. It’s pretty nuts.