Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Now there’s a story!


Which one? The boyfriend thing or the Crow game warden busted for poaching?

Snowy and grey. . .

so I made a loaf of bread, half whole wheat, barley malt syrup, lots of seeds.


Looks good. And this morning is my treat for the week as well. Mmm. Toast.


Looks lovely and mouth-watering. Yumm. I love the smell of fresh baked bread. It’s just Hmmm…


Found this. Thought people might like it.


Perfect. I’ve tried every step several times, and always come back to 1.


There’s just something about a bookshop … .


That’s me. Lol. One can never have enough books to read.


My shelves are groaning. For books I’ll read only once—mysteries and the like— I really love the iPad. I enjoy reading on it and have so far managed not to drop it in the bath. When I’m done, I can zip the book back into the cloud, and summon it almost instantly if I wish.

I still buy hardbound books, such as this recent acquisition:

Fixed it.


The link doesn’t open, Emma.


I use my Kindle for the books the book group reads each month. They’re not always to my taste, and I don’t want to clutter my triple-filled shelves with books that I haven’t chosen personally.

Useful, them.


Must be your browser. Anyone else have a problem?

How about this?


Aye, better. Thanks :slight_smile: The French story looks interesting.


I couldn’t see the first instance either. Firefox?

I never could get on with Malory. I preferred White’s version of Arthur.


I’m using Chrome and it didn’t open for me too.


Well, at least we got it the second time around.


Image - but no link.


You should see just the image, not the link. But some people were just seeing the image address. So I screen-shotted it, popped it in a hosting service, and then reposted it: bingo.


The good news is that I finished chapter 7 of my book. The bad news is I finished off the good bourbon.


There’s always more bourbon.