Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



That’s the problem with extreme light conditions. I was fortunate enough to be in NC for the eclipse in 2017. Totally failed to take any pictures, although I did manage to teach people how to see the eclipse using two pieces of card and a pin.


Well, the last couple of mornings the moon has been bright and clear with Venus and Jupiter about 30 degrees above the eastern horizon. It almost makes up for the lack of eclipse earlier on this week.


Grew some of the little white Japanese turnips in the greenhouse– they’re lovely. No worm holes or blemishes. I also found some little golden beets that I harvested late last fall, that had kept nicely in the fridge. So I started a batch of senmai-zuke, with the sliced veg salted and weighted with a plate. I’ll post some pics farther on.

I also found a bag of parsnips that a neighbour gave me, rather scrawny and dirty looking. Guess I’ll peel some and make puree, or the like. Hate to throw anything out.


Parsnip soup is good, especially at this time of year.


Sliced, or pureed? I make squash soup pretty often, with the immersion blender: creamy without cream.


Puréed, definitely. A good parsnip soup should be thick and satisfying, with just the right hint of salt to it to counter the sweetness. But that’s my preference.


If any of you are stuck at home and are interested in writing about remodeling - mostly prices and writing like a robot - for 5.5c/word to start with, I can hook you up. It’s very low pay, but it goes higher if you do a decent job. You’d be writing about things like asbestos removal costs, sump pumps, fencing, garage doors, etc. Writers who get overwhelmed easily when they don’t understand something quit almost immediately. To iterate, the pay really sux starting out. You have been warned. :slight_smile:

I think you can click on my face and go to my WP page and message me from there.


Anyone else happy it’s Friday and celebrating with liquid refreshment? Alcoholic and non are equally welcome.



Green tea here. Still working, but hope to switch over to enter business credit card expenses at some point into QuickBooks so I can get my taxes done. Life is just one bouncy castle tonight. :slight_smile:


I’ll torture myself with taxes once all the w-2s etc arrive.


The ridiculous thing is that for me, there’s more angst in the thinking about it and constantly putting it off than actually doing it. Every single year I’m so surprised it wasn’t the numerical cat fight I thought it would be.


Makes me glad for PAYE.


Seriously - never had this headache in the homeland. Every single frikking expense…


Receipts … :neutral_face:


Credit card statements - makes it a bit easier, but not if you’re like me and can never find the right card to use so you keep using your own ATM card or card instead of the right one. Means you have to traipse through four or five different sets of expenses and then figure out if that coffee trip was to meet a client or just cuz you felt like a cuppa, and then Amazon expenses…

Nevertheless, it is gratifying to see how much the tax owed goes down each time you add in something new in the online software.


I like paying jy taxes up front. You may not get refunds, but you do know how much you have to live on.

And that’s something else I could never get used to in the USA - the price charged at the till was rarely the price on display.


Made a Japanese-style pickle with hakurei turnips from the greenhouse, tiny golden beets saved from the fall harvest, with ginger and kombu (dried kelp). Sliced thin on a mandoline.

Then salted and refrigerated for a day. Rinsed and packed in a jar, with a marinade of rice vinegar, aji-mirin (sweet wine), and sugar.

I love the colour contrast. Should be ready in a week or so.


Yea most of the time doing them isn’t a huge pain. I started using credit karma because they were free and did just as good a job as turbo tax. Turbo tax was just too expensive.


Hi, folks, I’m T.W. Grim, a horror author new to Wattpad, looking for fellow adults to network with. How are you all?


That will do nicely. Welcome. Horror is not my genre, but writing is writing.