Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Overdoing housework is a tragedy - you’re just going to have to do it again.

Now, it’s someone else’s job.

We’re finally moving Tuesday, and our housecleaning slot moves from 8:10 every other Monday am to 9:10 every other Tuesday, a huge improvement.


And the conversation. Don’t forget that. If the guests are too busy gabbing then they won’t notice the dog! Although sympathies to your mother. Back pain is an awful thing. I used to sleep curled up, but now I have to sleep flat or suffer the consequences.

Speaking of whiskey - I got a recommendation from a friend: Teeling whiskey. The single malt is quite flavoursome, while the rum cask blend is quite smooth. I’m saving a glass or two for the england-Ireland match today.


I’ve seen but not tried it. I’ve got a bottle of a low-priced blend, 2 Gingers. Here’s a review.

Just projected my income for the coming year: the future looks more like blends than single-malts.


There are some good blends out there as well. Sheep Dip is good, and so is Feckin. And I never say ‘no’ to a shot of Black Bush,


I avoid brands with cutesy jokey Irish names: Hellcat Maggie, Feckin, Drop of the Irish, etc.

My grandparents ran sheep until I was about ten. One day I was crashing about in some thickets and came home crawling with wood ticks. No one was home, so I ran a hot bath and poured in some of the stuff they used for dipping sheep, that came in brown jugs.

Big mistake. It stung like blazes and afterward a layer of skin peeled off, like when you get a bad sunburn. So, for me, “Sheep Dip” isn’t anything I’d be putting in my mouth.


I’m a Yank lol… My family is Finn… And my dad was a huge Johnny Walker fan.


Hope your mom is feeling better. My prayers are with you and your mom :pray:


Thanks for the thoughts. Her back still hurts, but she can stand and walk. The pain pills don’t help her thinking, so I have to keep finding things she left in plain sight, etc. She can be trying at the best of times, and now is not by any means the best.

Somehow we make it through.


With any luck the back pain will lessen. Then your mother can come off her meds.


Not sure that luck is on her side. She suffers from stenosis, which is a progressive narrowing of the spinal nerve canal. She was unable to walk or sleep a couple years ago, when she had a laminectomy, which opened up the nerve canal, giving her immediate relief, but this might be a recurrence of the condition.

Her mother suffered from something similar. I hope I don’t– bloody miserable.

Sorry to be such a damp rag.


I’m sure you’ve already considered this, but if you haven’t: how old is your mother’s mattress, and what condition is it in?

We have to get a new one the minute we finish this move - it’s killing me. Husband says he doesn’t notice, but it is nowhere near flat, and has bumps everywhere.

I have significant stenosis, and fight off surgery with MacKenzie exercises. I’m trying to get better now that I’m here - PT and stuff. Will be more diligent after the move is over, so I can see how much strengthening and stretching can do.


On a different topic: this is driving me crazy.

A LOT of people will put my novel on their reading lists - and then nothing happens.

But something odd has made me wonder what’s going on: someone read and commented on 1) the Table of Contents for my short story, and then 2) the prologue for the novel.

He messaged me, I asked if he had read the whole short, and he asked me where it was! As if reading the TOC had not offered him the option to continue with the rest of the story (5 more parts, only 3 of which are the actual story - it’s really very short).

So now I’m wondering why people NEVER go past adding?

And why someone needs a link to the rest if they were already reading the first part? Doesn’t that happen automatically at the bottom of the page?

And where they’re getting the idea to read me at all? Is there a list?

Any ideas? I’m not being as clear as I like to be.

No one seems to read any more.


Thought I recognized your name from here; thanks for reading.


It was MY pleasure. You do have a wit and an interesting way of getting a point across. I enjoyed your shorts.


I find it takes a lot of time to get even short pieces right - drabbles are good practice. Dark ones let me play with that side of my character - which is usually suppressed.

One of these got me banned on a UK site I was hoping to continue writing for - I accidentally cut too close to someone’s bones. Too bad for her; I was planning on supplying more.


Maybe it should have been several inches deeper. :crazy_face:

I did enjoy your work. Well done.


Thanks, Gerry. What kinds of things do you like reading?


I usually don’t enjoy horror. I do enjoy some sci-fi, action, and good story telling. I’ve even been known to enjoy a werewolf story and a zombie story. But they are rare. Good general fiction and inspirational stories mostly.


Sending you a PM.


Nice to see you here, Gerry :heart: