Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



I am over 2k years old. Jk, I’m 15, but my mind is older.

  1. Bleah.


50’s a great age. Honestly.

Oh, who am I kidding?


It’s better than the alternative!


True… unless, time machine?


I’m afraid my time travel is limited to only one direction.


Same here, unfortunately


I’m 51. It’s a great age!


I’m 60+. But is that number a true indicator of age or how much longer you intend to harass your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?


70 this September. I have no idea where the time went!


The prospect of grandchildren would be nice.


It does fly.

I remember the day at 20 when I climbed up into what at the time I thought was a huge Cab over Semi. Little did I know I would spent 20 years behind the wheel of them while roaming the US and Canada.

How many Careers have you been in throughout your life? I’ve had several turning points.


I’m 49, but I am in a sort of mid-life repositioning – redirectioning, whatever. I’m unemployed and the applications and resumes go out, but I get no callbacks or interviews. I’m doing “gig” work, and that’s taking a toll on my creativity a bit, but then I’m also thinking maybe it’s time to go “all in” on becoming a full-time writer. Which then leads to battling my doubts (and the words of others) saying it’s not possible. Meanwhile, my savings has run out, and I suddenly found myself reading the words of my own story in the beginning chapter of “55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal.” I’m reading that and “Getting to Yes With Yourself” hoping to find the support within myself (since it’s not really coming from anywhere else) to weather this rough patch and “claim” what I really want to do.

Long post, but yeah, I’m venting the struggle. Maybe someone here can relate?


I can say I’ve had 3 careers: temp office worker (when my kid was very young), computer tech/support, classroom teacher. Now I’m looking for the next thing after burning myself up in the classroom.


Three careers - or maybe two, depending on how you view things. Theatre lighting technician, and two different engineering careers.


Let’s see…

shipping and receiving, then graphic design for t-shirts, then sign designing, then lighting technician, then working for xerox and then teaching…


I knew it. I’m pretty sure that’s part of my demographic - people with time to pay attention. I want to do the ‘as read by author’ version, for those who like long stories.

Books in some genres barely make the ‘novel’ word count.


Physicist, homeschool mom, novelist.


As a teen they thought I would be a clarinetist for a symphony. That plan disappeared before 18 with skin grafts to a right index finger.

As well as driving, 10 years in warehouse ending as a Lead hand. I was a MCSE, or in English a microsoft network engineer running three servers and 250 stations.


53, teacher, librarian, archaeologist