Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Oh right, I did know it. Wait, what was it again? :grinning:


Do you have any stories about how cold it has been in the U.K. in the last 30+ years?


Not based on where I live now. It doesn’t get that cold here. Besides, talking about the weather is not an age-related skill in the UK.

Now, if you wanted to talk about favourite spirits … .


There was a long time when my go-to was about any wheat beer. Not certain I have a favorite drink now.




Hi there everyone!
I’m not over 35, but can I come in? It’s really hard to find real adults around here and I just found this so… I’m 30 btw. Spaniard living in Florida for a while now.


Had to get the snowblower started (a battle) and then clear the access road. It was about 4°F with a refreshing northerly breeze at 7-10 knots. Windchill about -20°F.

Not complaining. It keeps the riff-raff out.


Cold by any reckoning!


Wheat beer is a bit sweet for me these days. Not that I ever had a sweet tooth to begin with. For beers I tend to drink pale ales if they’re available.


Hey everyone! So I’m not 35 (I’m 21), but I feel like I’m 35 at heart :joy: Hopefully you all don’t mind! And I’m new to Wattpad, so I’d love to make some connections with fellow writers! I just started a new writing project, it’s gotten me really excited and I’d love to meet other people with that same enthusiasm for their stories :slight_smile: How’s everyone doing?


45, and still reading a few ongoing WP stories.
Also finished writing/posting a story a month or two ago.




Welcome. Don’t mind at all, but we usually talk about nature, alcohol, and travel rather than writing. :slight_smile: Just so you know.


Hello, hello. Definitely over 35. Vodka martini with two olives. Recently moved to San Diego from Maine, U.S.A. and love living in the city. I’ll go back and read former posts so I know who’s here. It’s taken me awhile to figure out how this new community system works (I find the replies difficult to follow and find that copying a bit of the previous post works wonders.)


My daughter would SWOON to regularly see a fox (she’s been obsessed with wolves and foxes since childhood. Now she’s grown up and still loves wildlife). I’ve seen foxes in fields when I lived in Maine but never close up. Okay. I admit it. I’d probably swoon, too.


Welcome :slight_smile:


That sounds amazing!


How cool to have a coffee plant!


We got lucky. Now that the council has built on the land beside us, foxes are a bit rarer around here. Although, early on summer mornings, you can still see them basking in the sun on the grass between the road and the train works.


Best time to spot a fox is around dawn and at dusk. There’s a way of gazing at a landscape without focussing on any one thing, that helps you notice movement. Foxes usually go from cover to cover, and don’t like being in the open, so you’ll see them running from a willow thicket to a tangle of berry bushes, or the like.

Their main prey is rodents, from mice and voles up to ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and cottontail rabbits. So places where those species are abundant are good for fox watching. They also go after ground-nesting birds.

Watching a fox catch mice in deep snow is one of the coolest things on earth!

Sort of like a gannet diving for fish.