Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



I seem to remember now there was a period when I drew pictures of long hallways with several doors. They kind of looked like blueprints for a hotel. When people would ask me what was behind a door, I would make up a story. Thanks for your post, as I had completely forgotten about this.


“I’d rather be happy than rich.”

“And are you?”

“No. That’s the problem.”


So - a sort of Outlook hotel anthology?


I’ve been happier since I stopped trying to earn a living as a writer and started writing for fun.

Richer (in modest terms) as well.


Can’t say as I disagree with you either. Writing for the hell of it is definitely more satisfying.


Question for all you people here: are you having to block men seeking to have conversations with you?

I’ve just blocked the fourth one in two weeks or so, and it’s making me afraid to open my mail from Wattpad.


Not so far, but then my profile picture doesn’t give away much. This might help


Chance would be a fine thing, but no.


What’s “mail from WattPad?” Do you list a personal e-mail address on your profile? Don’t think that’s wise. I had a number of dodgy characters visit my WP profile inbox (mostly when I used an old modelling pic as my avatar) but I deleted them without replying and most didn’t try a second time. Haven’t had to block anyone yet.

Having had serious problems on the net, I’m hypercautious about linking or allowing WattPad contacts access to my personal e-mail, etc.


Was there supposed to be a link?


Wattpad emails me to tell me I have a message in my inbox.

But their methods of dealing with the problem are minor: mute people. No point in reporting someone for saying hi, but no legitimate reader has ever done that.

I thought the first was legitimate, and chatted a bit.

I hope the kids aren’t responding.


I’ve not turned on that feature— drives me nuts to get an e-mail to tell me that someone liked my post or I have a message. My e-mail inboxes are plenty full without that.

But I did get a weird spam thing to tell me that the sender had naked pictures of me taken by hacking my webcam, threatening to post them on a porn site and asking for money.

(I don’t have a webcam).


Be prepared for a slew of those. I went through a month of those, all threatening the direst social consequences. Annoying to have to delete them every day.


I got that one to. They will contact you a few more times over the next few months. My web cam is from my Windows 98 computer. It’s in a box somewhere :laughing:


For the record, nearly all laptops have a built-in camera just above the display screen, which can be activated by malware. Most tablets (e.g. iPads) have a similar camera facing the user, as do most smartphones. So it is possible. But I doubt that someone smart enough to pull off the hack would send such a crude threat.

I tagged it as junk mail, so any repeats shouldn’t show in my inbox.


Besides, the malware can be easily defeated. Just put an opaque sticker over it.


Duct tape. Good stuff.


It’s amazing what you can do with it.


Don’t we see a little light if the camera is active? I seem to remember that - probably from some TV show. Is it something the hacker can do without activating the light?

I am odd. I notice all the little lights on all my equipment, and whether they’re active. Background noise, but it gets acknowledged rather than ignored.


I’ve been getting quite a few. It’s getting frustrating. I don’t want to get scammed, hacked or otherwise harrassed, either.