Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



I got one of those last year. Made me furious with my husband for about 5 minutes. LOL - Poor guy. Once I thought it through I laughed.


I’ve been lucky. Still, I did see two followers with the word “sexy” in the middle of their username. :face_vomiting:


Maybe they’re related. :wink:

Howling, here. The wind’s about 20-30 knots (I’m a sailor). It’s been snowing since midnight, but it’s swept the boards of the deck bare.

That’s not fog, but fine snow travelling extremely fast. Too savage out there to walk the dog.

I’m at work on a story set in the north of Russia. Perfect day for it.


I’m probably going to Chicago tomorrow and it’s supposed to be 65 degrees. When I leave two days later it is supposed to be snowing :cloud_with_snow:


We had a lovely day of it here in Austin. 78 degrees, so we sat outside after dinner in the warmth drinking pino grigio and watching the dog chat with the neighboring dogs along the fence. The pre-sunset light was spectacular - that sharp-soft mix of white-yellow light that makes every branch of a tree seem like it stands alone. Sort of like my wine laced with silver.


Poor baby! (Insert muffled curses.)

Lovely description, anyhow.

The trash truck (rather large) got stuck in the access road, so we couldn’t go anywhere even if we were mad enough to try.


Right now, we’re on our fourth day of being on the edge of Storm Gareth. (Gareth? Really?) We’ve been having 50 knot winds and heavy rain. My mother in Ireland reported 65 knot winds and she’s on the sheltered side of Belfast Lough.

Still, on the bright side, it should replenish the water table. And we did have a February heatwave.


Thanks. I’ve been reading the Outlander books, now that I’ve run through the TV series, and trying to figure out what makes her writing so spectacular. I think part of it is the way she writes about light and how it looks on everything it touches. I’m usually a speed reader, but I’m forcing myself to slow down to savor her word choices and the way she sews them into sentences.


I’ve not tried the Outlander books. Liked the telly series, except for the lurid bits, but lost interest after their stay in France.

A tow truck was summoned to pull the trash truck out of the snow, and failed. So they called a second, truly enormous tow truck and it succeeded. I’m hoping a neighbour will start plowing the access road so I can just do the bit to our place. Don’t want to be arsed with clearing all the way to the highway.

It was a decent snowstorm. All the major routes are closed. Flights cancelled. Etc.


Just got another one. I was not pleased, even though now I know the drill: go to his page, select three dots next to Follow, MUTE. Ignore message from Wattpad that makes you question this choice. Honestly!


Thank you for posting that. I just had one tell me to ef off and I couldn’t find Mute. it’s on HIS page.

Now I’ve work to do.


Just spent a very long afternoon clearing our access road with the snowblower (that weighs twice as much as I do and is really loud. I used earplugs and my ears still ring-ing-ing. There were waist-deep drifts, but I’ve got the hang of it: forward a foot, stop while the auger chews up the hard snow and spits it out, then forward another foot. It takes a while.

The guy with the quad bike and plow who is supposed to do half the road never showed up, and I have a dentist appointment in the morning. Plus Mum is running out of her meds. The joys of rural living.


It seems :wattpad:attpad has a lot of recently taken over accounts (AKA hacks) in one form or another.
It’s sad actually.


Happy PI day everyone!


I am not being offered anything. They just start with ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ and then try to chat, but there is no real content. Creepy.

I’m automatically muting anything that does that, now.


I’m not even 30 yet, but I always found conversation here very nice. I can’t wait to be able to join. :sob:


Any and all are welcome here.


Great. It’s so friendly in here. How was everyone’s week? (I hope this doesn’t change the subject of conversation) :hugs:


My week has made me glad it’s the weekend!


Story of my life. :rofl::rofl: