Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Reversing the flow of the Chicago River was accomplished through a series of canals and locks, sending the city’s effluence towards the mighty Mississippi, instead of into Lake Michigan.

Gotta admit, it works. Lake Michigan would be a sewer, if not for the success of the project.



Those wee distilleries are cropping up everywhere now! Mind you, I’m waiting to see what the Writer’s Tears lot do once they get their own whiskey going as opposed to borrowing from others.

In the meantime, here’s a song right back at you. One that is more in the ‘spirit’ of things.


O aye! Aren’t The Pogues a wonder of the world? It’s a wonder Shane McGowan has a tooth left in his head, the poor git. I stayed in NYC, long since, at the Gramercy Park Hotel the week after they’d been there to play a concert, and the barman had some savage tales.

Here’s a song for the fallen—


There’s nary a one of his original teeth left in his head.


Took Kapa for a walk to the mailbox on the highway. First we saw the moose (think I posted some pics above). Then four whitetail does dashed across the lane right in front of us. He was intrigued, but didn’t give chase.

When we got to the mailbox, there were some power company guys across the way hooking up a transformer to run power to a building lot. He started woofing and the hair stood up on his neck, so I clipped the leash to his collar.

As I was juggling a stack of mail and a parcel, a young chap came jogging up the highway, and Kapa lost it. He got all snarly and charged, nearly jerking the leash out of my hand.

The jogger swerved, eyes wide, and I yelled BAD DOG and whacked Kapa on the bum with my ski pole (the grip, not the point). He hung his head most of the way home.

Don’t you wish your life was so full of excitement?


What a poisonous green! Shocking that they would think of such a thing, let alone spend thousands on it.

When I was in Chicago for a wedding, I stayed in a hotel on the river.


The white one on the left, up in the tower. The room was sort of trapezoidal.


And I will tell you this as well. When they dye the Chicago River, it gains a funky smell, like broccoli or something. So there you are, watching the parade while holding your nose. Of course, that was in the olden days, because… well because I’m olden.

They have dyed it other colors too, from time to time, but only rarely so. Like, sometimes they dye it blue.

So you are from a rather pristine part of the country. Did Chicago have a funk to it when you were staying there? Like, when you were at street level, or out on the water?


Perfect subject, considering a new article has just suggested a new way for so-much-smarter-than-us creature to travel near the speed of light. It holds on paper … anyone willing to try? You just need a couple of black holes and slinger to bust a laser beam straight into one of those holes (well … kind of of).

have fun trying it out today and let me know how it works out for you!


One time I stayed in Chicago we could see a helicopter with a wire touching the top of the Willis Tower (a.k.a. Sears Tower). We couldn’t figure out what it was doing. Someone I knew said helicopters do that to prevent static charge from increasing on skyscrapers. Does that sound right to anyone? Figure there’s someone here with knowledge as to whether I was having my leg pulled or if that’s legit.


That is something I have never heard of.


I wish I’d taken a picture. I did a simple Google Image search and could not find one.


It’s more the other way round. Helicopters build up a massive static field.


Makes perfect sense.


Thank you. That was beautiful.


Hi all im new here, im 36 and I’m so glad I’ve found some non-teenagers.


I haven’t been here long, but the regulars seem friendly. (Key word is “seem” :slight_smile:)


Good, I like friendly people :grin:


Hey… I am a young lady who needs some advice… can you please give me some, ladies and gentlemen?
I know this is not the website that I should ask such things and I am sorry… but i really don’t have people to actually talk to without knowing me.
So… I am in relationship with this guy for 3 years now, As every relationship we have our ups and downs. For a few days now every time he came back from work he chose to spent time with his friends and not taking me into consideration. For example today I asked him to have a conversation about some documents that he has to send me. He said yes while he was at job. When he came in his Uni room he called me and told me he will stay tonight with his room mate drinking because he just came back from home ( his room mate which was in another city). I didn’t say anything wrong. I said okey, of course I sounded a bit off and I asked him to not get drunk. I hate alcohol. I hate that he is doing his self such a bad thing. I am so mad! SO MAD. Because every time he does that he looses the track with his life and I am the one who has to fix this and slowly motivate him! It is so frustrating ! !! I am just mad… What should I do?


You should probably try to talk to him.

He could be going through stuff he’s not telling you, acting like a brat just because… I don’t know. It could be anything. The only way you can make things work out is talking to each other. Communication is a key in relationship together with sincerity, respect and love, of course.

Also, if you’re worried about him doing stupid stuff, like drinking too much, talk to him about it too. It is a hard topic to talk about, I know, but there’s no other way he can be faced with reality to try to change it. If he cares about you (even if he gets mad at the beginning, cause nobody likes hearing the truth) he will listen and will try to get better and grow up, as a person and as a boyfriend.

I know it’s not much, but I hope it helps…



This. is. not. your. job. Tell him very calmly that from now on, any consequences of his drinking will be dealt with by him and you will do zero, zilch, nothing to fix his mess. He’s a big boy now, He doesn’t need a mother or a nagging wife, He needs to face himself and decide if that’s what he wants to look at for he rest of his life. Right now he can blame you, but as soon as you step back and say you’ll never fix his mess again, and stick by your word, he’ll possibly either grow a pair of balls or he won’t, and if he doesn’t, then you’ll know it’s time to leave.

Basically he has the threat of your anger in his face and it’s doing nothing to stop him, so the chill of no edge of safety at all might stop him running to the edge.

Also, let him now that if he ever comes home drunk again, you’ll be leaving, because you don’t enjoy living with someone who can’t string two sentences together. You have your own life to live and you plan on living it, with or without him.