Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Nice to meet you! We were all new to Wattpad once upon a time. There is still much that I don’t know yet, but it is so nice to have readers for stories we write. I’ll check out your profile. Welcome!


Your play sounds really good! I’m intrigued. I always love Devil stories. What was that movie with Keanu Reeves? Devil’s Advocate?


I immediately thought of Waiting for Godot, too!


Var , selamlar…


@EmmaKatSpector I’m slightly cheating by making it a three person play. “Nick” appears as he is remembered by the older police officer. The idea being, not only to give me an easier time than just two people talking at each other (though there is a fair bit of that), to compare and contrast the two police officers as young people directly. So it allows for episodes of action interspersed by, i hope, lively conversation.

@ABEhrhardt rained indeed, it seems I couldn’t decide between rained on, and reigned in, and remained stuck in the middle! But yes, I’m increasingly dubious of humour as a constant crutch in performance.

@TanyaSSimpson Tis indeed a small world, and no doubt we could find seven steps or fewer of separation twixt us as required haha. The group is always happy to see more people, and guest appearances. Anytime!

@ShelleyBurbank I’m quite enjoying it I have to be honest. One of my actor chums is chomping at the bit to play the horny fellow. My version is basically of the opinion that the ‘best’ should be in charge of everything, no matter the cost, as the benefits will always outweigh them. He doesn’t want people to be tricked into his way of things, he wants them to choose it because he makes it so obviously the right choice.

So a little waiting for Godot, in that he is an absentee in the present, but not quite given my call backs to the past. We shall see if I can make it work!


LOVE it! Keep us posted.


You did it again - better check the brain to make sure it knows what you want. I think you mean ‘reined in’ as in horse, not reigned in as in a kingdom.

My brain knows better than to try that trick on me: I’m horrified if I use the wrong homonym - I think it’s the end of my mental abilities, such as they are.

That, and I’ve told my kids that if they see several of those in the same text, and/or chatspeak (u no), it means I’ve been kidnapped. They think it’s funny.


Or for that matter rained in, cf. The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.

WattPad abounds with homonyms, malaprops, and a detritus layer of misspellings and hair-raising grammar. Far too much for one person to address. Mostly, I just laugh.


Well, English pronunciation makes it very hard for non-native speakers to get certain spellings right.


I surrender to never using any variation on such sayings again heh! It seems safer!

Also a valuable check on my tendency towards being a grammar pedant. I’ll be over in the corner removing the beam from my eye if you need me haha!


I was chuckling so hard :joy: Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


“Brian Clough pronounced peer of the realm!”


My point…


Better him than some grasping Tory shyte, who got rich gouging the workingman.


You may think that. I couldn’t possibly comment.


I don’t recall asking for your opinion, dear boy.


Great character.


Oh jeez, it is good to see I’m not alone. I’d guess we have read the same ‘how to do Wattpad’ articles. They all seem to point towards the community, don’t they? Which is all well and good except, from what I’ve seen, the community conversations seem to move so quickly…! You gotta be on here really frequently to contribute before the topics move on to something new. Exhausting!


I figure taking part in the community of a site is the best way to get involved and find your feet, or at least it has been in my experience of other artsy/social spaces online. It makes me really happy to find places where people are actually chatting with each other instead of just posting things and begging strangers to look at them :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. Relatively new to WP. Relatively because when I started writing, I posted some stories here but gave up. The readers are heavily predisposed towards certain genres (But I decided I was acting foolishly. I love writing and if somebody reads my stories - good. If nobody does, then at least I had fun writing it).

Concentrated on posting stories on another website featuring serialized books. Some stories there made it to the ebook world and became bestsellers in their genres. Good for the authors! But reviews and comments are more brutal there :sunglasses:

Have some books on Amazon. Nothing special. Writing is a part-time activity for me and fun. If ever it stops being fun, then I guess I’ll stop.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Oh, my writing genres are fantasy (epic, dark, gaslight, apocalyptic - trying all subgenres), and science fiction. Even tried writing a children’s book once, just to see if I could do it. :slight_smile: