Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Problem is, those of us above a certain age usually have responsibilities - like jobs, families, households. It makes it very difficult to keep up with things in the limited time available.

So, yes to places where there is time to chat.


Welcome! We chat about all sorts of things, so feel free.

I have a nominee for thread title of the week (or perhaps the month):

Is BDSM incompatible with Dystopian Romance?


Well, there are three words I never thought I’d see in the same sentence.


Hello! I wonder how common it is to have a false start on Wattpad before deciding to come back and give it another chance. That’s what I did and I’m having a lot more fun this time around because I’m taking exactly the approach you’re talking about - writing for fun, reads are a nice bonus :slight_smile:


Oh Gawd. I was thinking the exact same thing, when I saw that topic the minute it was first posted. I so wanted to jump in and you know … be me.



BDSM isn’t incompatible with anything if you use your imagination.

(I needed to say that here because I feel like it probably isn’t the kind of feedback that’s wanted on that thread :laughing:)


An intelligent recommendation. :slight_smile:

“Must go see that thread,” she muttered into the folds of her lingerie.


I’m not sure what kind of feedback they would have been looking for. Yes - it probably started off in a scholarly vein; but somehow I think that didn’t last long.


Hi, I’m new here too and I feel the same way with trying to figure it all out!
Plus I’m doing it all from my phone so that makes me confused x10😆
Although I’m into romance and found the genre clubs really handy, hope you find a thread that works for you apart from this one😊


Yes, I’m like 70 comments behind :woman_facepalming:
And after trying to read, write, keep my house tidy and the kiddes alive it doesn’t leave much time for here.
I’m trying to ignore my 3yr old right now while I catch up on here but he can be so persistent :laughing:


Yazmak için zaman kollamak çok güzel, başarılar.


Merhaba kitap imzalayıp sattığınız için kutlarım. Çalışmalarınızı okumak isterim. İnşallah bana da kitabımı imzalamak nasip olur


Merhaba yaşam amacımız Allah’ a istediği bir kul olarak gitmektir. İnşallah nasip olur. İyi geceler .


Me writings gud is.


That might be your purpose.

It is certainly not mine.


I want. Because writers is very beautiful.


Why? You are not


Being Irish, my comment was 100% sarcastic. :slight_smile:


I’m keeping ‘hair-raising grammar.’


You can use any version you want - preferably if that’s the meaning you want.

The general idea is to keep from making the reader laugh while reading - at the wrong place in your story. That’s why we stick to reasonably standard grammar.

There’s nothing you can’t justify somehow, except that if you justify it (such as the lack of quotation marks in dialogue in All the pretty horses) by saying it’s author choice, you can keep your books.

I’m super strict with my own grammar - for my readers’ convenience. So the readers I’m after - literate, educated readers with big backgrounds in the classics, American, and English literature - find me one of our tribe.

Only with that can I believe they can handle the complexity of the actual story. Just a plain mainstream story, not experimental or magic realism or so literary the plot doesn’t exist - but layered and nuanced and demanding that you pay attention.

So my pedantry is self-defense, or I’ll find no readers at all.

There are few enough of us, and even a smaller percentage of us here, and ‘pedant’ is a small price to pay for the supportive comments of those who like what I write.