Anyone posting their comics here?



Hey there, I was looking to see if any comic creators are posting their material here on Wattpad? How do you find the experience of posting your comics on the platform? Have the results been good for you? What would you like to see changed, if anything, to make sharing comics here a bigger thing.

I may, or may not, be trying to subtly establish a movement of comic creators taking over the platform.

I am pretty pleased with Wattpad as a platform for my comics so far. The image limits have forced me to look at my material differently to find other ways to break up my stories compared to how they appear on their main website.

Please, post your comics in this thread. I’d love to add every comic on Wattpad onto a reading list for myself.

As for my comic, I am currently posting the first volume of it here on Wattpad. It’s a science fiction adventure series. I am currently in production on volume four on the official website, but I definitely would like to focus on the Wattpad archive right now.



I am actually a comic artist who was supposed to be a traditionally published one(I got accepted). However, due to real life circumstances, I needed to stop. So I decided to write a novel version instead!


Did you consider doing a webcomic?

I have a comic idea I lack the funding to get off the ground, myself, and I may go the prose-route instead. These things happen. If you can still produce the art you should definitely look into webcomics.


Indeed! But I haven’t finished my panels.

I may have to redo everything by the end of it all, because my art style was rather inconsistent.


I would avoid falling into that trap. A lot of my early comic work is nowhere near a polished as my recent work, but that doesn’t matter as people expect to see progression. Always move forward.


It’s a two-year gap, so it’s not very good to continue that way. I have experiences working professionally in the comic industry, and consistency is the key(even though I mostly did backgrounds). I wouldn’t mind if it was half a month, but two years is too long, haha.


Great art! I considered it, but I’m still very beginner level with sequential art.

Edit: And politics is an issue too, I’m neither way toward the pro diversity crowd (which isn’t a bad thing), or toward the Alt-Right anti-diversity.

I’m Libertarian Left/Socialist, so it might seem culturally alien.


Want to know a secret? I was a beginner once too, and not very good, yet I still did it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I mean, this is where I started:


That’s fair! If the gap is that significant then it may be worth it.


I just realized my pages are on a thumb drive… But working on an adaptation of a story I had up earlier.

Adapting to comic is almost a kind of revision process.


I have tried to make my own web comics in the past, I ended up becoming lazy since because of school and such!



Script format is very different isn’t it? In prose I tend to ramble on about socialist ideology, but when I actually adapt it: I have to grind that awkward Cleaver down into a sharply pointed stiletto to be the most effective.


That’s really cool stuff. You should archive some of your old comic work on here. You never know who may discover it that way!


I plan to reboot some of them(especially the last one). That one is my ultimate favorite.

It’s about a girl who ends up gaining the ability to change bodies with a dead Russian soldier from WWII who happens to be her in her past life. :joy:


I wish Ink Blazers was still around, actually that art gives me found memories of this Vampire Hunter named Jude this one lady did.


I just go with the most comfortable mostly. :thinking:


I found some of my goofier ones!


If you can’t read that tiny text on the phone:



Having trouble adapting Melina Of Black And White, because it started as a flash fiction, but is becoming twice as long as 21st Century Charlotte (which was 2.5K words) because comic is so different from prose.


That text would send me out for blood.


I’ve wanted to do adaptations of other work as comics. That’s so cool and it seems super challenging as well.

I’ve wanted to adapt “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” for the longest time now.