Anyone posting their comics here?



I remember doing the same thing some random guy with a hentai hoodie at a comic convention. He was staring up at some sexy body pillows of anime girls and I stood beside him and whispered.

“Sorry, but your waifu is shit.”

And then I walked away nonchalantly. He just laughed though.


I’m having to adapt my own work, because while I have drawing ability:

It’s limited to the context of illustration at the moment.

So I’m having to learn from the ground up.

Mostly because I twiddled nine plus years at this one place with people constantly telling me I shouldn’t draw my own comics.

And my men always end up looking like girls a lot as well.


Believe me, there is a market for men who look like girls a lot. You could be raking in those shoujo fans!


I’ve considered that actually, although that gets blurry with one character, who is pre-transition trans, but by Uploaded Fairy is actually fully transitioned MTF.

It’s mainly an issue for Malcolm, Slephner, Tanner, Dantino, and others. Although Malcolm and Slephner is a bit of an underplayed Yaoi subplot.


I actually have a heavy dislike on the shoujo men. :joy:

They look like the type I could break with just a push. At least, most of them.

Ironically I have worked on dating sims for women… And some yaoi.


I actually want to attempt some kind of Shojo/Seinin cross-over. Where it’s basically a seinin, but with Shojo art.

The whole, dude looks like a lady, by the way, what’s with that weirdly huge robotic arm?


Actually for those who read Innocent: Rouge by Shinichi Sakamoto , that’s kind of the target audience I’m thinking of.


I really don’t know where to lean my art style at. :joy:


I mean… Here’s one I deliberately made effeminate?



My art style goes everywhere in comics. :joy:


I’m strongly considering some kind of girls equivalent to works like Monster or Innocent: Rouge. Both great, but lets not kids ourselves: they’re definitely written for a male audience.


I post mine over at tapas. It’s a good community if you haven’t check it out.


I cater a lot to the male audience with making very beefy men and such. My old comics that were meant to be for contests and such were all sports.

I grew up in a male dominant household, so I guess I just hardly found comfort in doing stuff that based around a “girls’ world.” :joy:

I was the type who was too awkward to talk to girls.


Ooh! What’s it called?


Man, if only I had the money to hire someone like you for a romance comic I was planning.


I wonder if it’s more than just the premise though: going by that you wouldn’t think my work was particularly for men or women.

Uploaded Fairy not included.


I am familiar with Tapas. I should consider re-archiving some material there.


D’aww. :'D

To be honest, I have been looking for people to hire me as an artist. It’s really hard though, haha.

My VO work has been really bad lately, I need to do some other stuff.


You still gotta have a premise on who’s your audience, though, whether it is age or gender.

Men would hardly look at romance that’s mostly about the female lead and her sexy parties with some hot dude she just met.

There’s a book by one of my favorite authors that I wanted to adapt that was about ice hockey, I still have to check up on him though, I really loved that book.


I think that makes the difference, as even my Scifi Horror has a strong romantic component.

Influenced more by Elfen Lied than Gantz, so to speak.

Actually specifically Hemato and Nadine both have social outcast statuses closer to Lucy/Nyu than say Terminator.

Hemato being Lucy, and Nadine Nyu by comparison.


Well, if you are ever interested in working on a reverse harem story about a bunch of hot monster men who move into a European town to try to win over the daughter of the mayor, let me know. :grin: