Anyone posting their comics here?



Did you say hot monster men?

Wowie! That sounds really cool!

I like me some monster boys, haha!

Do you got stuff for it? I may be interested. :joy:

I have no shame.


Not sure if that makes sense, a social outcast in say a Josie has a different feel from something like a Seinin, even with the same genre.


I don’t really have anything here I can share publicly, but I have a series bible if you’re interested. The idea was to do it in that vertical 4koma format. The series would skew a little more comedic and consists of a lot of teases at romance. The monsters were basically all adaptations of the famous Universal Studios Monsters and a few other monstrous types.

I’d planned the first season to be about 36 comics.


Speaking of reverse harems. I had that one dating sim I was working on that was supposed to be a parody of dating sims.

All the dudes are named after flowers(metaphor?). They are all very good-looking… But that’s pretty much it. :joy: They are a bunch of idiots.

I loved the loading screen. One of the guys looks like he’s in the middle of a sneeze, one of them can’t smile properly…


You ever hear about the one where pretty boys are human personification of birds?

I think a few people thought it was: for the birds.



I haven’t explored much of the 4koma format, it may be a good practice for me. :thinking:

I actually do like a lot of comedy in my romance stories, so this may be really nice!


That was a good dating sim though. :'D


Yea I wanted to try it, though at the time I was mainly playing horror VNs. One of the first things I ever wrote that wasn’t fan fiction was in fact, a horror VN. A little to influenced by Japanese style horror.

I can’t write like that now, as I write bad guys (or more accurately bad girls) very differently.


You like horror, that’s awesome!

I haven’t really written horror, but I have written a thriller. I was more of a tragedy-induced drama person than anything. :thinking:


That closer to what I do now, what you mentioned. I’ve found my self increasingly disliking some of the elements of pure horror.

It’s sort of like the difference between Horror and Gothic Romance. Enough overlap where they’re similar, but not enough similarities to get a Stoker or Hugo.

I want to see an award specifically for Gothic Romance infused Scifi.


I want to make comics, and I wouldn’t mind posting them here the only problem is while I can draw, I have no idea how to format a comic.


I just make my own format most of the time! Haha!


Yea that’s exactly where I was before trying it myself.


I’m just cautioys when it comes to taking that first. That’s how I am with everything I am a perfectionist you see.


Furthermore, to keep this post separate so as not to confuse likes, my general hesitation for me sometimes was a matter of ownership:

Creator 1 comes up with Superman, 10 writers/artist ghostwrite and add their own spin to Superman, superman gets cancelled do to declining quality.

If I write Hemato to be a certain way, that’s the way I want her to to be, I don’t want Marvel/DC telling me to change her character personality, or hiring a different writer/artist.

Comicsgaters would like to think my issue is diversity, but it’s not: it’s character ownership.


Have you guys ever thought of making a discord server for Wattpad comic creators? lowkey I would be so happy to be surrounded by so many brillaint minds.


I’d support, though I’ve been on Pleroma so much, I’d have to see if I even had time.




In any case, while posting comics on Wattpad is a novel idea (see what I did there) this platform doesn’t seem like it could be a home for comics. I can see how it could work but there’s a lot of better places.

But still having a community of artists here would be cool nonetheless.


Actually my interaction with some (but not all) webcomic communities is actually why Uploaded Fairy took as long as it did to actually completely finish.

When I had ruled out adapting my novellas to comics, me actually finishing my novella went way faster because I wasn’t having to contend with:

  1. User writes first chapter.
  2. Edits chapter.
  3. Wants to draw chapter, gets told art sucks: person offers their art.
    4, New artist flakes.

Rinse repeat 1,000 plus times. I got no time for that crap!