Anyone posting their comics here?

Yeah, working with someone on a comic seems like it’d be hard.


Yea the one I was wanting to do I started in 2011 (after I wrote Mechanic Slave) and I only just yesterday finally put an ending on it.

So I think I decided to just draw my own stuff for now.

Consider that I’ve only written for 11 years, you get the idea.

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Yep, drawing your own stuff really is the way to go for me I’m trying to learn how to draw backgrounds.

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I wonder if my experience was common, I chalked the stalling to just writing Seinin drama when others were wanting Gag A Day Shojo.

6 years is a long time to stall on a graphic novel. Even factoring in the length of time it takes to pitch to an agent, even that is blessingly short.

The prequel was comparably a breeze, finishing it in 3 weeks for the first 5,000 words. And four more for the next 15,000 words.

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It’s called Block-Party. I’m not able to post a link for some reason, but it’s also at rantscomics. It hasn’t been updated in a while, though.

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Ooh! Awesome! I’ll check it out!

I like the community, though I haven’t updated there in a while.

I am actually thinking about porting a second series of mine here, but it is a comic strip rather than an narrative, so I do not know how it would do.

I want to see if the fictional natural and literary language I’m creating will actually carry over into comics: it’s basically French and Japanese. Written as an expression of allegiance and alliance to both languages, but more heavily French inflected and uses Marine/Ocean based references in its language.

Ex. La bateau, c’est regarde avec la baleine. C’est ne tempura pas en la umi.

Japanese is barely present in that example of course.

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I like to make my comic for fun. The story I’m working on is called Rainbow Love;

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