Anyone self publish on Amazon before. I'm getting ready to release my first eBook and feeling nervous

I’m about to announce on my Facebook to all my family and friends that my first eBook will be released very soon.
I’ve always been more nervous about baring this part of me to them. Ugh, I have been working so long and hard to let my insecurities get in my way now.
That’s why I like it here.

It’s easier when the reader doesn’t know the writer. To them, the writer is just words on a page, and yeah, the words can reach the reader on a deep level, but still, they don’t know the writer enough to judge them.

In the past, I use to pull my work down when I got too much in my head. I won’t be able to that once I publish on Amazon. I know I’m ready for this step, but it’s not easy. I thought about skipping on sharing the release date and the fact that I’m publishing, but they will find out eventually. I rather put it out there and expect the worse and hope for the best.

I guess I’m wondering how you get through this anxiety if you have been through it yourself.

Hi there, I haven’t done anything on Amazon (yet) but I have self-published through a site called Smashwords. It’s a good feeling when everything goes through their system and out pops a load of different formats on a load of different platforms. It’s worth a look.

As for telling your family and friends, do you actually need to tell them? My friends and family know that I have published a couple of things, but as I’m pseudonymous, they don’t actually know where to find them :slight_smile:


I published with KDP and to be honest I feel comfortable because very few people have seen it ^_____^ and I made sure I’d edited everything I could before I posted! Don’t be scared to wait a bit if you need it.

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It’s not that I feel like I have to share this news with them – I want them to read it – I’m just a little nervous. Four of my closest family members have read it so far, and gave me their honest thoughts, which had me working more on it, and getting it edit again. At this point it’s as good as I will ever get and I love it. I’m ready for it be out the world so maybe I will only let the ones I want to know the most about know and go from there.

best advice I can give, not just to this but all things in life, do what scares you and don’t look back, only way to grow is to challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone

with that being said, there is value in researching if self-publishing is the way you want to go, as opposed to traditional publishing, before you make your final decision

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It’s normal to feel nervous about that. Just keep in mind that YOU are proud of what you achieved with this book and YOU feel excited about it. If you do, your family will do too. I mean, how many people write a completed novel? That alone should be something to be proud of.

If you want your book to find its way to readers, you’ll have to promote it anyway, and what better place is there to start than with your own family and friends? Don’t fret too much about their reactions, but instead enjoy the fact that they are willing to read your book and share their thoughts about it with you.

Anyway, that being said, I wish you the best of luck with your story!

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My only bit of advice is to absolutely have your story professionally edited. Readers on Amazon will know if your work hasn’t been edited and they will tear it apart in reviews.


Thank you so much. If it were one of my novels I don’t think it would be this nerve-racking, but I’m a little crazy and publishing my diary. The poems and entries are a lot more deeper and personal, then ones I have posted on here, so it makes feel more vulnerable. It’s important to me for the people in my life to read my book. However, I know I’m setting myself up to be judge and possibly hurt.

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I can’t afford an editor but had a close friend and my brother help me in that area. I also use and learned so much from the service. I’m hoping that will be good enough for now. :neutral_face:

Yeah, at the very least have a beta reader that you trust give you some feedback. Then I would proofread it with ProWriting Aid or, if you have a budget, hire a pro to help you out. Reedsy has a fantastic stable of professionals, but they are very expensive.

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That sounds really personal indeed, like you’re exposing your inner thoughts to the world. Personally, I think that’s a very brave thing to do and I can only admire you for it. There will always be people who will judge you for it, but the ones who really care about you will understand. :blush:

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Just did few days ago. Don’t be nervous. It’s simple than it looks

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Careful with that…

Your family and friend’s reading habits may skew Amazon’s algorithms and potentially put your book in front of people who won’t want it or enjoy it. If Grandma Rose downloads your book, but her Kindle library is loaded with reverse harem erotica, guess which genre you’ll be pushed to…

With that in mind, the general self-publishing advice is not to ask everyone you know to buy a copy or go leave reviews, but rather to promote your work to its intended audience.


I’m not excepting any of my family and friends to buy my book if they do that would be great. I’m just sharing with them this big step in my life. A lot of them know I have been writing for years, and have asked me on occasions if I were planning on publishing. Well now I am. What I’m publishing first, however, is more vulnerable than anything else I have written.

I was published on Amazon for a while and noticed that someone had downloaded my novels, created new pdf’s and uploaded them onto a new site! (still with my name on them lol) The stories were getting reads and good feedback but I only stumbled upon it by accident! There was no way I could get the stories taken down… Just be wary of that happening to you…

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That is something to be worried about. Thanks for the head ups.

that’s the trouble with the net -the moment it’s online there will be someone who can take advantage of it. Wattpad is slightly different due to the type of platform. In a peverse way it was quite a boost -at least it was being read! (and the star system was giving me good reviews) it’s just a shame no one told me personally!!

You get the site to take it down with a DMCA notice.

Now if it’s not a reputable site, they’ll ignore it.

Congrats on taking this very big step. I’ve self-published on Amazon before so I understand first-hand wanting others to like your work. But I’m glad you are coming into this with realistic expectations because when you publish your book for sale you open yourself to all opinions (good and bad).

Make sure you executed each of the necessary steps well: editing, cover design, formatting, and pre and post marketing just to name a few from my how-to guide. Just the presentation (i.e. cover design and blurb) alone can either make or break your book so make sure it’s well-written and polished so that it appeals to your target readers. I wish you success in your self-publishing journey.

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