Anyone writing Fantasy stories that DON'T take place on Earth/Medieval-Times/Long-Ago/pre-20th Century?



Yep. I got the sense that you were channeling your inner Leo Tolstoy–judging by the book’s lengthy blurb alone. :wink:

I saved your book to my library for later ‘spelunking’. I just got off another overnight shift, so I’m relaxing a tad.

I’m hoping your book is as long as I suspect it to be. In the same scope and class as mine.


“Magic batteries”? That’s a pretty damn cool idea there


I tried not to make it that long; is it too long?

Hey, thanks for that.

What kind of length are you looking for? I tried to make it “digestible”, cuz it’s gonna be a LOOOOONG series; I want to keep each individual book a standard length so as not to discourage any potential new readers


I’m writing a YA Contemporary Fantasy novel if you want to check it out! :slight_smile: My link to the story is here:


Trying and doing are always two different things in life. If you wrote a super long assed novel about 200,000 words, then I would be the happiest reader on Earth. (My debut novel only clocked in at 175,000 words this time.)

But if your intent was to write a really good book, then keep going. I get off work tomorrow morning so I have the next two days off, so I’ll look at your novel then and give you my first impressions. (Don’t worry: I don’t habitually trash people’s books in reviews like people here did with mine in the past several years. That’s why I moved them off Wattpad permanently. )


Well, I would’ve, but it’s my understanding that agents looking for new authors in the fantasy genre are looking for typically a project with no more than 100,000 words for a first book, so that’s pretty much what I did. My later books I just know will be way longer, but I don’t want em too big.

It’s my intent to write a good series. Feel free to be as brutally honest as possible; I know thats one of the main ways writers grow.
Geez, I’m sorry that happened to you : ( but why permanently remove em? Did nobody have anything nice or constructive to say?


My book which is still an infant at this point is a mix of scify and fantasy.
Set in a dystopian future after humanity has to spread far into the cosmos after the destruction of earth. Series that takes the main character to many different planets: some rooted in science and some altered by circumstance(terraforming device on ships+ composition of the particular planet) to be more magically based

It’s intended to be a series in which some books will be scify and some fantasy depending on the planet. All of it is set in the distant future.


Forget agents and publishers. They won’t take you no matter what you do with your novels. Go indie instead. Trust me, you’ll save yourself a ton of time, angst, and worry if you just take control yourself and self-publish.

(I’m saying this because I already went there. Already did that. Got rejected 681 times over a ten year period the first time. Round 2, nobody responded to my queries at all–which pushed into a 5 year bid to indie publish…which I’m about to go live in the next few weeks with my giant novel. (The one that agents, publishers, and my critics here on Wattpad said could never be published. At all.) )

If you want some inspiration, I’m planning also to publish my entire 308,000 word Starchild novel in one go. Edits should take about…8-10 months.

I realized a couple months back that I am in command of my work and since digital publishing has virtually no limitations, that’s where my massive tomes will go. I’m not concerned about print publishing at this time.

But I will chime in my two cents–if there’s any issue with your book. But it’ll have to wait until Monday and Tuesday because my new schedule has me working weekends past Christmas with the former days off.

As for your last question, not really. Depending on the books I had posted, some liked what was there (my space opera and vampire novels were no problem), but you get into my LGBT fiction books (which one is about to be indie published) and people were losing their shit over it.

So much so, that after three years of endless controversy and fighting and all kinds of bullshit, I finally had enough and pulled all of my books off Wattpad.

What they can’t read (what they don’t want to read) they can’t attack, bitch, or gripe.

You see, it has to deal with the fact that I’m dealing with people who have different views of reality. What is real versus what is make believe or fantasy. So their version of reality is what they have been trying to push on everyone when it comes to LGBT fiction–which of course is a farce and a lie.

And the thing is, they don’t like straight white males writing LGBT fiction at all. They believe that only members of the said community is “authorized” to write such things and be realistic. (Just like only women can write romance versus men who simply cannot. (We’re stupid apparently.) )

So no, nothing constructive was being aimed in my direction. Just a lot of heavy handed criticism and personal attacks on both my character and person.

As a result, I bowed out. I removed the source of everyone’s complaints. Of course, I’ve had some suggest rewriting the whole novel without the sex and intimacy and everything else, but I already went through three drafts and I’m not doing anymore.

The final draft version is being edited and published. And if people here want to give me 1* ratings on Amazon because of it, good luck holding onto your accounts. Because the company doesn’t tolerate personal attacks or harassment in their reviews. (They’ve been cracking down as of late.)


Why do you throw around the no. of words you wrote as an achievement?


Would you like to know why I do this constantly? Why I keep throwing out my impressive word counts here on Wattpad? Why I wrote a thread here a month ago about writing the 200,000 word “dream novel”?

Because I’m trying to get people here to loosen up on their so-called “limitations” set in stone by the industry and their attack dogs and really let themselves go.

I’d like to see someone here write a 150,000 word novel. Or 200,000. Or 300,000. Or even 400,000.

You guys always say that you want to be famous and well known as writers and you want to write yourselves silly on your books…?

Then stop LIMITING yourselves on every front.

Stop thinking small and go big.

The industry isn’t going to give a shit about you, your books, or your dreams of being trad published.

You want to know the future of publishing? It’s digital. It’s indie.

Where you and me get to take full control of our lives and our respective works and write until the cows come home. Then we publish the whole enchilada ourselves–no limits–and we can all be happier come Thursday. (To quote Egon Spengler: “Print is dead.”)

Why just think that your whole life revolves around mainstream publishing? It doesn’t. The industry isn’t interested in publishing you, me, or anyone else. Once you realize that you can self-publish your own books cheaply and inexpensively (through Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc…) you don’t need trad publishing to be validated as a writer and author.

You are already a writer and an author.


Okay, okay, I agree with the self publishing thing. That is indeed our future, and a bad one at that.
But are you trying to imply that only those books are good which have 200k words or more? That simply ain’t true bruf.
Quality and quantity are two different things, and you seem to think they’re interchangeable. They’re not


Well, there’s my story that’s placed in pre-20th century technology but the magic system is extremely unique and sophisticated. Also, there aren’t demi-human races and it’s in a completely different and unique world the likes of which nobody has come up with before.

And a person I know @Ashcroft_Hele_Jethro is writing a story “Diary of a Time Traveler” which takes place in a super-human society, but powers have extreme draw-backs. The main character being one with the power to travel back in time, but only for up to ten seconds.


I got no clue how many words are in my finished works. It took as many as was needed to tell the story. Of course, I haven’t tried my hand at publishing yet.


yeah, since magic in human populated areas were already running out so they came up with a type of battery/magic booster so even non-magic people can use magic operated stuff :slight_smile:
if you’re interested to read it, it’s called “Phasma”


Mine doesn’t.

If you want to have a look, you can find it on:

Let me know your thoughts, if you want to :slight_smile:


My story (Tempris) might fit the bill. The island where it takes place is a little provincial, but the larger world is quite modern. The Fey Imperium exists alongside modern-day Earth, and there’s even some exchange of technology between the two realms. The magic system is also quite complex with a defined set of rules.

When Taly was only six years old, a horrific fire swept through her village, stealing away her home, her family, and every memory of her previous life. Fifteen years later, she finds herself living on Tempris, a derelict island on the fringes of the once-mighty fey empire. Living as a human among a race of powerful and immortal mages, Taly is treated as barely more than an animal. They even have a name for her kind: shardless.

Still, Taly considers herself lucky. Taken in by a prominent fey lord, she’s lived a comfortable life. But when an accidental brush with magic causes her to see things - ghostly apparitions that give her small glimpses into the future - she quickly finds herself in a very dangerous situation. The Sanctorum has returned to the island, executing anyone showing signs of time magic. If they find her, they’ll kill her… and anyone that tries to protect her.

Fearing discovery, Taly leaves home, abandoning her old life and everyone in it. It’s just too bad her best friend refuses to let her go… And despite the risk, Taly finds that she doesn’t really want him to.

Now Taly’s life is about to change again. An ancient evil is rising - with its eyes set on conquering Tempris. In the face of this new threat, will Taly be able to keep her secret? Or will she be forced to face her fears in order to save the people she cares about?


your story sounds so cool

Well ig I kinda have one of those. Tho it does take place on earth it’s more of an alternate universe where “humans” don’t exist, every creature in the planet has some magical ability, or mutation of some sorts. There is well over 20 different creatures, some i made up, but yes most are inspired from the usual (vampires, fairies, etc.), But the way they work is different entirely.Let’s take Vampires for example. In my book vampires do drink blood, but when it’s digested the “magical energy” that was in the blood (the amount varies depending on the creature they took it from) is what makes they incredible strong, and to some extent give the vampire some powers they didn’t already have (there are different vampire classes with different powers in each class) while the actual blood turns into black paste like stuff that strengthens their bones and keep them from having brittal bones.

Yes the sun weakens them slightly but can’t kill them. Only the teeth of a fairy mixed with the tears of a good witch can


Mine first takes place in the 21st century but then she travels through portals to different dimensions that takes place in those times.


I’d love it if you checked out my story! I think you would agree it’s a fantasy story in a unique setting!


Here’s the synopsis:

By the early 26th Century humanity had exhausted all resources that could sustain human life. Fortunately, in a science experiment in 2008 something unexpected occurred ripping open a portal to a completely different universe. Humanity spent the next 500 years preparing for their migration to the planet of Agartha.

Humanity couldn’t bring any of their advanced technology. However, they managed to create a system that allowed humans to develop themselves and gain abilities similar to the native sentient species of Agartha. To humans this system appeared and functioned almost like a video game.

After living on Agartha for ten years our MC dies under the blade of the person he was desperately trying to find and protect, his brother. However, through some twist of fate he wakes up alive and back on Earth, returned to the day he migrated to Agartha. A time before he suffered through unspeakable hardships and adversity. A time before he witnessed the cruelty of humanity. A time before he was used and tossed away by others.

Our MC decides that he cannot allow the injustices of his past life to repeat themselves. That he will use what he has learned over his ten years of struggle to become someone who cannot be ignored, cannot be trampled, someone with real strength.

Follow our MC as he struggles to overcome his weakness, faces the enemies of his past, uncovers the truth about his brother, and confronts situations that make him question his humanity.

Here’s the Link:


Hi! So my story hit’s some of these points like yes there are kingdoms/Queendoms but it’s definitely not Medieval Fantasy. My story takes place in a different dimension in a world that’s entirely a desert with original monsters that fit the desert theme. There is magic but it’s pretty simple and isn’t used ton. There is also a prophesy but it’s going to be switched up a lot. I’m trying to use normal tropes and subvert and change them at the same time.

Here’s the Summary.

Deep within the Earths forgotten past, in a dimension different from ours, lies a story of the Airborn. Airborn are the winged people that ruled the skies. They once lived in harmony with the humans but were sent into hiding far over the sea of sand where no one dared to travel. Centuries later generations have passed for both the humans and the Airborn. Both of them considers the other a myth. Beings that never existed. What happens when a prophecy causes their two worlds to meet again?

If this fits and you are interested it’s on my profile; it’s called Airborn.

The awesome cover is by: Coxkora