Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


I have thought long and hard on this decision. Whether or not I wanted to use a pen name, or use my actual born name. I plan on using a Pen Name, because of this main reason.

My real name is Cassandra. My primary genre that I write in is Fantasy. When I get books out and people search for my name, they’ll come up with Cassandra Clare before they find my name and I want nothing to do with her. She is already a popular author, and I know that she uses a pen name herself but, like I said, Cassandra is already a famous author. And quite personally, I don’t like her books at all and would rather not share a name with her if I can help it.

So my question to you guys; are you going to use a pen name? Or are you going to stick with your real name?


I published a few shorts under a pen name in a genre I don’t want associated with my real name that was basically an experiment. I would like to get published, and the other genre isn’t really to everyone’s taste.

I’m sticking to High Fantasy however which is much easier to write and has a larger audience.


I am using a pen name, Ellen Reese, for my safety. I live in a conservative, very religious, Muslim society and they don’t tolerate a few things like:

  • LGBT+ rights: I support LGBT+ rights and have created LGBT+ characters. I also stated that I am bi-curious. If my family found out about me then they would lock me in a psych facility or abandon me, or worse, they would hand me to the authoruties.

  • Ex-Muslims: I have stated that I left Islam and the punishment in my country for stating that is death.

So, yeah. For safety reasons.


I’m using something that’s somewhere in the middle. I use my initials (A. M. Meyers). I do this because people pronounce and misspell my first name all the time (you’d be surprised at how wrong people can be for my name Alicia).

However, that still doesn’t stop people from being confused. On Facebook, I’ve had plenty of people misspell my last name and tag me in things meant for other people. For example: A. M. Myers. There’s authors with this same name (that I’ve never known about) and famous singers named Alicia Myers. :unamused: But honestly? I don’t care. I created my penname so it was easier to deal with, and plus, it felt better to have it like so unlike Alicia Meyers where it just felt… bare.

Overall, I feel like no matter what you do, people can get your name wrong and you can still find yourself at the bottom of the totum pole. Plus, it might be okay to use your first name, and a different last name. “Cassandra Clare” will only show up if you used the entire name, the books, or perhaps her first name. I recently typed in “Books by Cassandra…” and looked at all the Google Autofill. While her name came up first, there were other authors that came up as well. Cassandra King, Cassandra Dee, Cassandra Clark…

But if you want to use a penname, but be similar, you can use a nickname. My sister has the same name (Cassandra). But we nickname her Cassy. You can do this, or use another version of it: Cassie, Kassie, Kassi? Or just simplify your name another way like Sandra, for example? :woman_shrugging:


:sob: Awh, I’m so sorry… :sobs: Jeeze, that is just so horrible… :c


Thank you :heart:

I haven’t mentioned that they may never let me see my children again. I will basically have no custody over them.

But really, thanks for feeling for me :blush:


You’re welcome, of course! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :heart:

Ugh, that is just so sad… :sob: I am so sorry you have to go through all of that… :disappointed:


i have a pen name but i don’t really adhere to it; my profile plainly states that my name’s izzy and people on here know me by that name. the only reason i have one in the first place is just because i don’t like how my full name (izzy manzo) sounds. i originally wanted to strictly go by my pen name but by the time i chose it people were beginning to know me and i was gaining some followers so it didn’t really stick. i still have it on all of my book covers because of the flow thing; it’s kind of an instinct to write it at this point instead of izzy manzo, but because i was late to the game it’s not something i use exclusively.


I don’t have a pen name.However, I do use the initial of my first name whenever I’m introducing myself around the community. In my book covers I use my username. think it’s for safety reasons and the fear that people who know me in real life may discover my book here on wattpad. I guess I just prefer being anonymous hehe.


I do actually write under a pen name because I feel embarrassed if I were to tell my friends about me writing stories on Wattpad. To them, Wattpad is infamous for having Harry Styles’s and other 1D fanfics. I’d just rather be anonymous because it just saves my energy.


Most authors (outside of Wattpad) I’ve met do it so their race/gender/ethnicity can remain ambiguous.


I do and I’m going to stick with this one. I’m a photographer in my “real life” and I don’t want the two brands to be mixed up. Especially since I’m trying to break into the the contemporary art world and writing Fantasy books on the side might hurt that brand.

Just as making pretty pretentious contemporary art might hurt the AWFrasier brand.

Also, I don’t want anyone to know I write. I write for me and I don’t need to share my hobby with anyone who knows me. I’ve shared it with some very close friends but that was more because of the success I’ve had on Wattpad - not my actual writing.

I chose AWFrasier because it’s pretty gender neutral and I don’t want to be judged for being a chick. Which happens in the publishing world, still.


I use the pen name, Bob Ryan, for a couple of reasons. It’s easier for people to remember than my real name and I prefer anonymity.


Smart move with the pen name and I hope you find a way to escape with your children.




Please stay safe…this sounds like an incredibly difficult situation.


I’m sticking to a pen name because I’d like to write anonymously for now. Whenever friends/family members find out that I write and ask to see my stuff, I feel incredibly embarrassed and worried that I’ll get judged for writing bad Y/A sci-fi. Basically, a pen name lets me feel free to write exactly as I want without feeling compelled to please everybody around me.


Thank you :heart:


I use a pen name as my real name simply sucks. That’s all there is to it. Jane is a lot better


I use a penname because I just don’t trust the internet with my real name. It’s fairly simple, too: L.M.M.