Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


I hope that one day you’ll be able to say you used to be in that situation :herb:


Aww. Thanks :heart:
I hope so too. One day.



(i havent read the rest of the thread yet]

Honestly, I wish I had a pen name. My career (just graduated from university) and the authority/board I work under have a list of those who are registered. My name is on it (or will be in amatter of weeks) and it has details of who i am, where i live, its all public – this is for the sake of reporting incidents, etc etc (im a RN).

The reason I wish i had used a pen name is that people CAN report me to this board. Having my full name available online/ published etc can help people report me. While their accusations may be false, the board would have a duty to look into it, and me. That’s what scares me the most.

I could honestly use a pen last name if i were to publish, but my first name (natasha/tash) is obviously very well known. But the other side of me also wants my name to have the recognition: Natasha _____ is who I am and its my identity. I think id feel weird of it was a pen name (just personally). I myself know several people here who use pen names and theres nothing wrong with it.

It’d be weird for me - though - at book signings being called by a pen name. Im so used to answering my own name i wonder if id respond as fluently to a pen name (this is just dream talk lol. who knows I may never publish aha)


I use a pseudonym that nobody (hopefully) I know knows, because my mom is very old fashioned and she would cringe if she read some of the stuff I wrote. well, my editor would probably take them out, but all the same…
I also feel that there are some people out to get me and are ready to destroy me the moment they find my name out in the market. if ever.
I am just very paranoid.


I write under a pen name and I am very attached to it, lol. I built myself to match what I thought the person behind my pen name should be. Giving myself a name was a huge part of me finding my identity and making a conscious effort to better myself and continues to be today. And now it feels just as natural to identify as Maia Re as it does to identify with my legal name.

Plus you know ya girl’s been pining for a cool pen name since eight years old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right now I’m using a pen name XOXO Queen. I know it’s terrible, even though i wish i could make it somehow work, I’m open for suggestions, if you got any. But i’m using it mostly because i’ve actually had my identity stolen in real life (Worst experience with the government ever).

Even if i end up changing it, which i’m sure I will, i’ll probably never use my real name. Unless I got a sudden confidence boost out of no where.


A lot of people end up making whole new names.

Me, for instance. None of my names are Asrai or Aurora.

I just really like those two names, one of which (Asrai) I completely made up.


I mean as long as the check clears. Lol. I’d like to use my own name one day. Maybe…


I’ve considered using a pen name, because if something my friends and I wrote ever was published (not counting Wattpad), I’m not sure I’d like the whole world to know my name. However, if some of my works I wrote by myself were ever published, I’d want people to know who wrote them. I’ve decided for Wattpad to just not fill in the full name box, so that’s it’s easier.


sort of ditto here


Me too. I feel like if I ever published a book — as in, bookstores, real life type of published — I would want my real name plastered all over those son’s of bitches.


I would too! As much time as I’ve spent in Barnes & Noble. I would kill to walk in and see my name on some hard backs. I might actually shit myself with joy.


I actually would :joy:


Thanks for your review.


I write under a pen name for adult fiction so my teen readers (and my mother) don’t accidentally come across it.


i write under a pen name, but it’s because i don’t think my surname flows with my first name well. i don’t keep it a secret though. :blush:


I write under a pen name because I am embarrassed of my works, and I don’t want anyone to google me and find that I have written all that. My works are very personal to me and I’d rather show them to strangers on Wattpad rather than people I know because I suppose I fear judgment.


I write under a pen name for many reasons. The biggest one is that I still go to high-school (senior) and I don’t want people reading my stories. I’m not too concerned with being made fun of, but just the fact that people could look me in the eye everyday knowing what kinda smut I write and what kind of online persona I have.

Also, I don’t like my real name. My pen name rolls way easier off the tongue.


I’ll most likely be writing under a pen name for various reasons. My number 1 reason being I want my private life to be separate from my writing life. That and I have no clue what I could be doing in the future, so I would rather just keep my writing life under a pen name. Makes things easier.


My problem is that I have a one of a kind name. I have not decided to go by my shortened name or my whole actual name. I know I will use initials to hide it better, but I would like to keep my future profession as a scientist separate from my writer self.