Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


For wattpad I use a pen name as I don’t want to be found out by people in my real life because I would never admit to using wattpad irl lol


Yes, you have your own causes to have a pen-name. And I appreciate it. But some people like me always want to use his own real name. As we proud to have our name. And I don’t care the problems or what other people think about it.


Pen name. Always, always, always use a penname. You never know what you’ll do later in life, and you have no idea how your writing will turn out. Anything you publish under your real name may be turned against you, one way or another.


I use a pen name. Idk i just feel safer that way? like its some form of protective bubble or something


I use pen name here on wattpad and will most definitely use same pen name if/when I get published (be it traditional or self). Why is that? Because my language sphere is quite small, basically just Balkan and small islands of diaspora around the world. So I decided I will focus on Anglo-Saxon sphere of influence, writing on English. I am planning on writing science fiction and fantasy, and genres in between.

I chose Lewis I.G. Walter. I thought a lot of which name sounds appropriate. First book that got me into reading is definitely Jules Verne, but he was French and his name wouldn’t sound right if I focused only on English. So went with second favorite which was Lewis Carroll (a pen name it self :stuck_out_tongue: ). And last name I went with a philosopher I admired François-Marie Arouet, better known under his pen name Voltaire. But he was French as well so I anglicized it, which turned into Walter. So I took pen names of two people I admired and tweaked it a bit. Added my own initials in the middle and there you have it.

My reasoning was that no one in the West would consider a writer name Ivan. It worked for Asimov, another Slavic science fiction author but he was actually amazing writer and a machine that spat out stories, poems, novels and entire fictional histories!

Hmmm, I went a bit too in depth about this. Hope it helped or was mildly entertaining.


I use a pen name because I wanted to stay anonymous. Ive taken so many measures to make sure I stay anonymous and separate my writing from my other life. There are also a few other reasons.
Plus, I really like my pen name, lol.


I usually sign my work with my username, which is an anagram for my real name. But once I start actually publishing, I’m not sure. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


I write under the name Erin Holiday because she almost like my alter ego. She can write about the topics that I personally can’t. There are some topics that I know I would be embarrassed to know I write. I think that I’ll probably keep write with a pen name in the future as well.


I use a pen name for multiple reasons.

  1. I like being anonymous.
  2. I dislike my real name and it doesn’t sound good.
  3. I plan to go into scientific research and I don’t want my creative writing to be associated with any scientific literature I produce in the future.


I feel like using a pen name just keeps thing anonymous and helps to keep people from judging you right off the bat. They might actually try reading your story.


I must be one of the rare ones because I don’t want to use a pen name. I want to use my real name. I rather not be anonymous.


Karin Winter is a pen name. There are several reasons I use a pen name rather than my real name. While most of my friends and family know about my writing, there are some acquaintances I don’t feel comfortable having read my stuff. But the biggest reason is because I have less than fond feelings towards my dad and his side of the family, so I don’t want his last name on my work.


I would never write under my own name, because I am not succesful. It is not a hobby I would like to advertise in RL.


I do have a pen name, Ivory Rain or Ivy/Ivory for short. I mostly use it cause my mom made me paranoid of the internet and cause i don’t really like my real name :woman_shrugging:


Wow you guys I didn’t expect such an explosive response xD I ended up crashing before I could see all of your responses.

@Ellen_Reese I am so sorry about your circumstance and it’s ridiculous that they are doing that to you! I hope you find some way for you guys to escape and be happy.

@AliciaM21 I entertained the thought of using my nickname, Cassie, and then using a different last name because my last name is really super common. And I wanted a more unique last name. I mean, I love my last name but it is super common and I would rather not use it under a writing alias. xD


Thank you :heart:
I hope so too


Heyyy :wink: people
I’m not using a pen name because if I try to use one I can’t help but feel like its not right…doesn’t mean I use my whole name tho


Hey guys :wave: I am 100% using a pen name lol. I feel like writing is a really personal form of self-expression, and I don’t want anyone who knows me in real life reading my works, at least not yet :grimacing: I really like the anonymity of wattpad compared to other social media, I want to be judged for my writing and not for anything else~


I can see this! And I agree that writing is a form of self-expression in itself. People irl know that I write because I don’t really hide that fact, but whether or not I want them to read it is another question all together.


I am writing under the pen name of SVTS. Even then, if people don’t want to call me that, then I tell them that they can call me Shree. Even Shree isn’t my real name? Why? Well, as an Indian, my name is pretty unique. I don’t want to reveal my real name. Even if my name is unique, I feel like having a pen name gives me my own sense of identity. (plus my real name is super long and a lot of people screw it up). Plus, SVTS gives me a closer connection with my grandfather. I’m already close to him, but his initials are similar to my pen name. That makes me feel like the bond with him is stronger, and I’m closer (he lives really far away).

That’s the reason why I go by a pen name.