Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


I had a pen name as a published poetess/novelist before and although I gave up on my old dream of being a professional published writer and terminated all my contracts, I still write under a pen name. I think we do never know what may happen in life, and keeping one’s private life safe a minimum is welcomed (especially when one writes about some sensitive topics). For having been an active poetess with undemocratic - well, misanthropic - opinions, I earned myself few threats and it’s my pen name that has kept me safe. When I decided that it was time for me to put an end on the melodrama and do something else of my life, I have just stripped myself of my old pen name and chose a new one, peacefully.

I changed my pen name but I will keep this new one forever if possible. If I didn’t have problems with the old one I wouldn’t have changed it. One can’t reflect an image of a professional, serious person if they don’t keep some constancy in their opinions and style, and the same goes for the pen name. I can at least congratulate myself for being still faithful to my opinions and style … though :thinking:


When I publish my first book, it’ll be under James Lee Henderson even though I’m a 14-year-old girl


me too!!! :smile:
I mean
I’m a 14-year-old girl


Why are you publishing under a male name? :thinking: Not hating, just questioning. ;o


Yes, I do. Because, I want a fresh start:blush:


nods Understandable.


I kind of use a PenName; certainly I always have a feeling that I am not good enough and to be honest I am not. I just wanna hide my merits or demerits from others and it kinda makes me more comfortable with the environment.
So yeah, that’s why.:smiley:


Awe I’m sure you’re good enough! Sometimes we’re our own critics and we just have to tell ourselves that our writing is good enough and someone out there will like it.


I believe in that particular someone. It’s just the level of my confidence.
Thanks for motivating.


Everyone needs some motivation every now and then :slight_smile:


It started out as a joke at school. Then I was like, “Call me James Lee Henderson!”

Then sparks flew around in my mind. not much to tell.


Meldrick Carter is my pen name. I came up with it a little over ten years ago. The name is actually a composite of two TV characters from shows I used to watch. I liked the sound of it and thought it was different. My actual surname no one can ever pronounce, so I didn’t want to use it in writing if I ever did actually get published.

I also started using Meldrick as a nickname in college; I was going through a lot in life back then and needed to make some changes, so I adopted the pen name as an actual name and it stuck. I really only use my actual name with my family (parents, siblings), and now on the job (in an official capacity). But my wife, friends, and most others know me as Meldrick.

I also work in a job where it’s important to keep my private life out of things, and we’re encouraged to disguise our names if we use social media. So incidentally my pen name works perfectly to use online.


I am writing under the name Joyce Prose. I hope to publish some articles and books under this name. My government name is Joyce Cleghorn, but I don’t want to use it. I want to keep my private life separate from the life I’ll have as a writer. Hence, the username: @mediocre-prose. I’ve done some research and no one famous has a name like that, so I can totally use it.


I wouldn’t say I use a pen name, per say, but my name on WP is definitely not my real name and my books are all published under my username.

I started using WP and never expected it to go anywhere, so I didn’t bother putting my real name up - besides the fact that people mispronounce and misspell it all the damn time and I wanted to avoid the headache. Plus, I’m a teen and my friends would make fun of me SO BADLY if they knew I was on here! Again, my name is quite unique so it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out :joy:

So, yeah, I use WP as more of a place for testing out things and kind of as a bubble away from people I know IRL who could be super biased about it, so that’s why I use a sort of “pen name” on here.

If I ever try to pursue actual publishing, I’ll probably use my real name. Though a lot of people mispronounce it, it’s unique enough that no other author has my name and so that could be pretty valuable :blush:


That sucks that you would get mad fun of just because you write on WP. I’m not ashamed of it, though idk if anyone actually knows; besides my siblings that I actually have a WP account lol.

My name is pretty common. I love my name, don’t get me wrong, but it wouldn’t be valuable to me if I went the publishing route and used my real name.


I use my real first name and a fake last name: Kayla Winchester

But if I were ever to be published, I would use my initials and fake last name, rather than my first name : K.A.Winchester. That’s because I write fantasy, and male readers are more likely to read your book if the name doesn’t look female. Male readers tend to shun books written by women in the fantasy realm, which is why some female writers have chosen to use initials and a last name.


Idk, I think this generation has become better with that aspect. They would have to actively search for some authors too, because many of us are female lol.


Yeah, it sucks, but it’s true. It’s less the fact that I’m ashamed and more the fact that I’d like to get honest critiques out of my writing and to be able to enjoy it as I do now without feeling pressured for it to be perfect like I would if someone I knew IRL were reading it. I have anxiety and writing is my stress reliever so it’d be really bad for my stress-reliever to turn into another cause of stress, lol.

Yeah, my name sucks. Like, I love it because it’s representative of my culture and all that and it’d be great if I was actually published but sometimes I just wish it was common! I had no problems when I still lived in my home country but now that I’ve moved… It’s not fun :joy:


I use a pen name because the fantasy stories I write requires it.


Yeah I can see where that would be stressful. And I agree with you because I also have anxiety, and if my hobby/something I might want to do for a living became stressful like that idk what I would do lol. It wouldn’t be a good thing.