Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


What do you mean by “it requires it”? What does it require it?


Exactly! I’d just get my regular anxiety over how my writing is horrible and people would know and I’m a failure etc. Like, I can handle criticism and people hating online, but somehow people knowing about my account and my book - especially with the stereotype and bad image of WP where I am - would TOTALLY freak me out :joy:


Most published adult fantasy writers are male (its the YA fantasy where most writers tend to be female), so females writers are at an automatic disadvantage. The male readers are going to avoid books with a female name atached to it. And that’s the genre I’m wanting to crack into, and the demographic I am trying to pull in, so that’s why I would use my initials if I ever got published.


Yeah I understand. I can handle it online as well, and I can handle it pretty well irl but I would feel too anxious if people I know actually were reading my works. I freely state I write novels, I am not ashamed of that but if they were to actually read my stuff… I feel like I might hyperventilate or something.


Ahh no you’re right, most adult fantasy is written by males. Though there are a few that are written by a female that are pretty popular.


Lol, I don’t have a middle name but I have two last names, so I’m not sure how the initial thing would work for me! Plus, even if I put the initial of my first name and first last name, I’d had the same first initials as a famous author AND be losing a critical part to my own identity. I get how the initial thing for women is pretty much necessary for fantasy, but I’m not sure how it would work in a way I like with my name :woman_shrugging:



Also, I can totally handle criticism and such on other stuff, but writing is just so personal to me that it gets me going! I’ve pumped out short stories for teachers and stuff and that’s fine. Even contests is fine. But once it gets really personal my anxiety gets going! Of course, nothing bad has happened so far since pretty much every comment I’ve received in my life about my writing has been positive, but I can still feel that anxiety creeping up when one of my friends or such reads something of mine!


What is your name, if you don’t mind me asking? (I won’t mind if you are not comfortable sharing)


Yeah I agree. People irl is more stressful than people you know online. Online you don’t have to see their faces every day like you do with people irl lol


Not comfortable sharing but my initials are JKA - J being my first name and KA being my two last names. So, I would be JK A— which is like JK Rowling PLUS my two last names represent a big part of who I am and I don’t know if I would be comfortable using my real name but forfeiting a big part of who I am, you know?

Though I’d be quite comfortable not using my first name explicitly because so many people mispronounce it :joy:


TRUE. I’m always scared they won’t like and will make fun of me for YEARS for some reason :joy:


Well, you could always just use your two last names

But also, if you have a name that isn’t very female (like either a name that is foreign looking or sounding, or a name that is gender neutral), using your full name wouldn’t be that big of a deal.


The people I associate with would make fun of me regardless of anything :joy::joy: If we didn’t pick on each other we’d think something was wrong.


I wrote the fantasy stories I write need a pen name that matches the genre and the plot.


Ahh yeah that is true. :slight_smile:


Here’s a great vid:


I’m using a pen name on here because 1. I have a violin career under my real name and 2. I’m primarily writing lgbtq+ content on this account, and I’m closeted irl


Ahh. I’ll probably write under a pen name if I start writing LGBT+ stuff. Because I am also closeted in real life and I’m not entirely sure how my family would react to the fact that I’m not completely straight.


i feel like my mom would be fine with it and the rest of my family would just be mildly uncomfortable tbh

but it’s reason enough for a pen name, so


Idk my family is highly religious. Like, I’m not. I am an athiest and don’t generally believe in one religion. I was terrified to tell my sister that I was Athiest but she took it alright. And my grandmother was in the room when I told the doctor I wasn’t religious. But it’s the rest of the family I am scared to tell, because they are super judgey. While my sister took it well that I wasn’t religious, idk how well she or the rest of the fam will take it when I tell them that I am bi.