Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


oof i’m so sorry. my family isn’t super religious, and i was never brought up with religion, so i never had to jump through that hoop.


My grandfather is a priest. My great uncle is a priest. I’m surrounded by religious people I was brought up with it, and at first thought I believed it but a couple years ago I realized I was only trying to force myself to believe it because my family believed it. It made me feel better about myself knowing that I figured that out but I’m still terrified because of my grandfather and everyone else rotfl.


yikes, that’s a lot. well i’m glad you were able to figure things out for yourself. i can’t imagine what it would be like living in a family that religious


Like, I’m pretty sure they would get used to the idea of me being bi and athiest. Idk how they would feel if I suddenly showed up at a family fathering of sorts bringing a girl as my date. I’m pretty sure I’d get judged hard core.


I feel that. my mom’s super supportive, and she’s always told me i could be whatever and date whoever (only after i’d turned 16 tho, she was strict about that), but i feel like if i actually had a girlfriend, she’d be a bit weirded out and accidentally say a bunch of offensive things without realizing it :confused:


My name is mispronounced, but it’s definitely female and not very “foreign”. The pronunciation sounds foreign, but the written name does not so… :woman_shrugging:


Probably. People think that it’s just a faze that you go through but they don’t realize that in actuality, you were born that way. Someone who is bi, lesbian or gay was born to be that way and who are you to tell them that they can or can’t be who they are?


honestly though - it took me a long time to realize i was bi, since i liked guys and i figured since i had crushes on guys i was straight. but i always ended up attracted to and getting crushes on girls too. i was just in denial for a long time. i’d tell myself, “oh it’s just a girl-crush because she’s really cool, it’s not an actual crush or anything”. welp, i was wrong about that. they were real crushes, and continue to be real crushes.


Exactly. I’m attracted to both males and females, and I knew I was attracted to them in High School but only recently found out a year or so ago that I was bi.


i finally put everything together like last month and it was a big “ohhhh that makes sense” moment for me. i’d been acknowledging my attraction to girls for a while but i figured it was like normal or i was having hormonal imbalances or something. like nah, i’m just bi lol


Yeah I was the same way. :joy::joy: I had a few crushes on girls in High School and I denied those hard core. I’m not ashamed by it by any means, but it is a lot to take in.


yeah, i’m only now getting out of the denial stage. aaaaaand also trying to get over a crush, but oof that’s another story


I haven’t had a genuine crush on someone in so long. It’s been a while. I’ve been chatting with people, but I wouldn’t say they are going anywhere.


i mean, things aren’t going anywhere with her lol. but she was kinda my lightbulb crush where i was like “ok i can’t ignore this anymore i like girls too wow” though, so that’s a good thing


Yeah I understand that. I don’t remember who my light bulb was lol. But I think at the back of my mind I always knew that I liked both girls and guys.


i wasn’t always aware of it, but i always had some…thoughts. but i always had excuses for them lol. like i remember being attracted to boobs and then being like “oh it’s just because i barely have any and i wonder what they’re like” and then trying not to think about it. or accidentally imagining holding hands with a girl and then being like “oh like in a friend way ahaha” and then trying not to think about it.


This is my pen name. I just didn’t want certain people finding out nor do I really want people to know who I am just yet.


I had the same thoughts. I remember being highly attracted to boobs in high school. That was an interesting time in my life.


That is understandable. ;o


lol i’m currently in that “interesting time” of my life…it’s a mess XD