Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


:joy::joy: I know that while I was in High School, I looked up some… videos that weren’t very appropriate (that should have been a CLEAR indication, but I was a naive child back in the day) and my mom found out and I got in trouble lmao. I was really young though.


yikes! :joy: i’m pretty sure my mom has no clue…i’m pretty good at erasing my tracks lmaooo


I wasn’t. :joy::joy: I am now, but back then I wasn’t as tech savvy as I am now lol


lol :joy: it also helps that i go to a boarding school, so she can’t see most of what i do lmao


:joy::joy: Yeah that would most definitely help any situation lmao. Probably would have saved me.


and like probably over half of my school is lgbtq+ so it’s a good environment to be in


That’s good. Mine was full of jocks and judgey people. XD


i mean everyone at my school’s still dramatic and judgey as hell but at least they’re queer to go with it :joy:


:joy: I guess that can balance everything out, bahahaha. Luckily I wasn’t popular enough in school to be in the drama that went around. But there was a hell of a lot of it.


oh, i’m not popular enough either lol. idk how i end up in the drama


XD Maybe you’re the moth to the flame? Loool.


lol hardly, i’m a music major, not a theater major XD

i guess i get drawn into it because my friends are dramatic


Ahh, yeah that would make sense. I was never thrown into the drama but I was always told about it lmao.


yeah. i love to hear the drama tbh - makes me glad i’m not in too much of it


Same tbh. XD I love hearing about it but hate being in it, ironically enough haha.


lol :joy:


I use a pen name. It’s Charlotte Doyle.

Main 3 Reasons:

  1. Privacy. I had a really bad past experience with someone internet stalking me and later trying to impersonate me after taking photos of me off my personal social media. So for three or four years now, all my personal things are private and all my writing and webcomic and such under my pen name.
  • Also, subset of Privacy is Safety. I’m very openly Jewish both in real life and on my writing sites. Given the political climate, I am not comfortable giving anyone who might run into me on the interent access to my real identity. cough white supremacists scare me cough
  1. Separate academic life from my writing. I don’t plan on making a career out of writing. It’s something I do for fun. In my field, there are definitely still stodgy older academics and I don’t want to ever come up against the situation of having to defend my name being attached to a research project with one of them and also attached to all the explicit lesbian shit I plan on writing.

  2. I think it’s prettier than my real name. And no one has any idea how to pronounce my last name so as a result, it’s harder for people to remember because it gets filed in a person’s memory as a keysmash and subsequently discarded. Pen Name: Charlotte Doyle. Real Name: Sara DFGKHJLK (not actually my real name, obviously, but it gets my point across)


That’s such a pretty pen name though. And I get all of your points.


I use a pen name simply because I feel like it gives me more freedom as a writer to do what I want rather than what people would approve of. I don’t really want to be hindered by things like “oh, so and so is going to think that line is too racy and she’s gonna say this about it”, if you get what I mean. I don’t know, I just feel like there’s a lot more artistic liberty you can take when you aren’t worried about what people you know are going to think/assume about you based on what you write. This may seem like a silly reason, and I wish it wasn’t a struggle for me, but it is. But I can definitely tell a difference in my writing when I know people around me will read it and know it was me who wrote it, so I stick with a pen name.



“Charlie” (technically “Charlie #2) is actually a real-life nickname I got freshman year of college (long story, involves much alcohol, not at all related to my real name) so that’s where I got "Charlotte."

"Doyle" is a family name on Irish branch of my family tree that I felt fit with Charlotte really well.