Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


I write under a penname to pay tribute to my favorite all around human being-- Jojo Siwa


I have a pen name. It’s because it looks good on a YA/fantasy book. But more than anything, it’s a thank you to my ancestors.


Pen name.

There are associated benefits—like privacy and the ability to discard one’s whole identity at a moment’s notice—but I’m really in it for the chance to make that identity from scratch and then live in it. Not under it, in it. Because Wattpad is a social site and only six people on it know who I really am.

There are other reasons, but I don’t have to say them because… it’s a pen name. Nobody can track me down on the internet and start asking questions, and I only need to explain myself to six people. And that alone can be an incredibly freeing thing.




I plan on using a pen name if I’m ever published and I haven’t put my real name on Wattpad. It’s mostly because I’m a coward and I don’t want to feel awkward telling people “I wrote a book” and have them feel obligated to be like “omg so good!!”. And, I don’t want my work to be defined by me or who I am I want it to stand on it’s own and I want people to judge it for what it is. Idk being anonymous just seems easier (like I said, I’m a coward lol)


Yes!! Exactly, you said how I feel much more eloquently than I did lol


That’s awesome, I wish I was that brave and confident in my work


My real name is boring. My penname is actually a username I made two years ago on soundcloud…so yea I guess I just went with that haha


Nah, I write under my real name.


I go by the pen name Shoe. As an Asian I have a weird last name and that’s how people generally pronounce it. I go by a pen name because I don’t have many friends with the same interests as me so I’m just afraid they might find me one day and think I’m weird, but honestly that’s probably me just being paranoid.


Yay! :blush:


I go by pen name too, which is Saki/Nic. My real name is unique in a sense people I know will definitely recognize me if I were to use it, and I don’t want them to find out that I write stories online. I can already imagine what will happen if they were to find out and that doesn’t sound pleasant haha.

Also, using my penname kinda motivates me to continue writing since I can enjoy my privacy while writing anonymously. If I were to use my real name and if the people around me found out, I will feel this sense of pressure and I don’t think I will be encouraged to continue writing. That’s just how I feel I guess.


I use one because of my profession. I have a very strict regulatory body and writing erotic sex scenes in my novels could be seen as professional misconduct. Also, how uncomfortable would it be if one of your patients read your book? Both both you and them. Also, I’m very private. I don’t share my novels with anyone I know.


@FantasybkLover hi, iwas wondering how did you get the information about the audience genre preference?


It was somewhere in the threads, again I think Nick said something about it, or someone did in one of the threads that he was in. I think it goes TeenFics > Romance > Fantasy.


If I post it online, I use a pen name because I don’t need online drama spilling over into my life. But if it’s traditionally published, I’ll proudly put my real name on that.


I use a pseudonym because I don’t want people hunting me down in real life and murdering me.


I love pen names and have a few of them. Always have, since childhood.


There was someone on The Bachelor with my real name a few years ago so… Yeah, totally using a pen name for the time being.

I just went with H.G. Waters, taken from my username.


I obviously have a pen name. My pen name is Gigi Paris. I wanted a name to be easy to remember and not something too extravagant as well. Gigi comes from my actual name because many people cannot spell my name right. Paris comes from how North Americans pronounce my Hispanic last name, which I found funny and interesting.