Anyone Writing Under A PenName? If So, Why...?


If I were you, I wouldn’'t have signed up for this site.


Personally i think its incredibly brave and kinda awesome. I mean the amazing thing about the internet is that through it we can reach beyond the confines of where we are. @Ellen_Reese I really do hope though that you and your children can find a way out of that situation soon. No one should have to hide who they truly are :hugs:


I agree. I think @Ellen_Reese is doing something brave. She’s following her dreams and that to me is something I can get behind. I love that she is going out of her way to share her content with us while knowing the risks that she is taking. That takes a ton of courage. We love you for that. Keep doing what you’re doing Ellen.


I use a mix.

Maria is my real name, but Jo is short for Joan, which was my mother’s name.

The thing is, the rest of my name is a special family name, but there is a known politician where I live who has that name and I always get asked if we’re related. And my official last name is one of the most common names where I live, so my real name would sort of disappear in the masses if I used it.

Plus, Maria is a name suggested to my parents by a nurse when they changed their minds about the name they originally had decided on after I was born. So my parents actually didn’t come up with my name themselves. – My two other names are both from my dad’s side of the family.
But it’s my mom who introduced me to book. As a kid, she always brought me with her to the library when she went. So I wanted to honor her by using her name for my pen name.

So that is how I’ve ended up with Maria Jo. :blush:


Pen name because if I use my real name, people can easily Google who I am and that’s kind of creepy. I don’t think I’ve ever even revealed my location on Wattpad, merely hinted at it. It is something completely separate to everything -like a guilty pleasure haha. I keep my writing below the radar and the pen name helps.


Yes, because I prefer anonymity. Now it’s also partly because I don’t want to confuse people by suddenly using a different name when they already know me as esyoung. I remember when I switched my username and people got so confused. There were even people who accused me of plagiarising my own books. :joy::sweat_smile: I appreciate their vigilance though.

If I ever write something good enough to trad publish, I’ll do that under my real name.




Thanks, Stacey :heart:


Aww. Thank you so much :heart:


You’re in danger and Wattpad isn’t that great of a site.


I do use a pen name because very few people in my target demographic (english speakers) can pronounce my actual birth name. But rest assured, I have not swapped genders. I am in fact actually male, which surprisingly to me seems to make me the minority here.


same with me: I use pen names sometimes like EJ Nickeldane. My actual first name is Ese-Oghene-Oniovotevwo


Yep. Though since I’m already coming up with pen names, part of me wonders if I should have swapped genders to blend in here better. I know historically, female authors have done that all the time to break into tough markets.


Not sure why you feel the need to both trash wattpad and @Ellen_Reese’s choices/bravery but… you said your piece. Id drop it. I personally love the wattpad community and am glad we have such diversity here


sorry i didnt see that was an answer to her direct question. Still though… idk i think wattpad is pretty great. Every site has flaws but this is def a place to share content and connect with writers that is better than all the other places I have ventured


That’s true.


I use a pen name simply because my given name is ridiculously generic. If I used my real name my books would be nearly as difficult to find as it would be to find one written by someone named John Smith.


I use a pen name because people told me(Japanese or not) that my name my name sounds like it’s out of an anime.

Rei Dee Ecz just sounds closer to my “Anglicized”/common name.

My actual name literally translates to “beauty of the sea” and I can see why my Japanese folks would find it intriguing, haha! I sound like some pretty mermaid!

However, when I write stories that’s not what I like tos how in general(usually pornographic/sexual ones), I go by another name, but I rather not share that one, of course.


I see. I’m being careful. I’m using some tools to keep my identity a secret.

I don’t agree about what you said of Wattpad. For the first time in my life, I feel like I found a place where I can be myself and do the things I like while also meeting likewise people.


I love Wattpad so much. I hope nothing bad happens to it and I hope it will thrive for many many years.