Anything written by black women or girls with a black female MC

Title says it all. Although, fan fiction is an exception. I’m not going to read that, lol. I’ll look at anything else, but I’ll bypass stories with bad grammar, boring plots, weird formatting, and anti-blackness.

Bonus points for magical black women/girls.


Ree. I do have absolutely the right book for you! It’s rated Mature, tho. If that’s not a dealbreaker, check this out: LEAD ME ASTRAY


A SUPERNATURAL PASSION COMPELS THEM | Reviewers have called it, “One of the smartest, sexiest, and most unique paranormal romances that Wattpad could possibly boast.” --The Rune Awards 2018 |

Aurie Edison shouldn’t linger in Overlay City, a mystical world of ley lines hidden within New Orleans. Luckily, there’s a seductive Empath named Mys who pledges to get her where she needs to be. Then there’s Detective Zyr Ravani, the hot werewolf tasked with keeping them safe. But what’s the worst that can happen to a Ghost?

See, Aurie’s not living her best life. But she COULD be if she accepts the powerful desire swirling between the three of them.

Ready to get away with something different? Solve Aurie’s murder with Detective Zyr Ravani and the genderqueer Mx. Mys as you fall head over heels for this threesome along the way. Go ahead. #GetAwayWithIt

Introducing an adventurous tale of self-discovery, magic and menagé a trois. LEAD ME ASTRAY is a fresh new story from an authentic LGBTQ voice. Add this unicorn to your reading list and find out why it’s a winner.

Also, it’s on the Official Wattpad Multicultural LGBTQ reading list.

I’m a little iffy on werewolves but this sounds good :purple_heart:

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I know what you mean! All I can say is it’s nothing like the typical werewolf story. :wink: :heart:

Do you only look for WP stories?

I have two that may interest you:

Necromancy In D Minor is a gothic fantasy. The MC, Octavia, is a necromancer disguised as a music teacher. She travels to an island to rid it of and undead scourge and calamity ensues. It has elements of mystery, romance and action as well.

Courting The Night is a 1,000 word flash fiction that I wrote for a contest. It’s also a gothic fantasy, but I have a hard time explaining exactly what it’s about without giving the whole thing a way. :sweat_smile:

Both stories feature black women as the leads. :smile:

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Hi At the moment. I am writing a story of five women from different places, ages, race and circumstances. They come together in a strange way. Normally I write fantasy romance but this time I am writing a dark fantasy.

Nope. I rarely look to Wattpad, actually :joy:

I’ll check them both out :purple_heart:

The Necromancer - (completed) Perks of being normal - the dead leave you alone. Unfortunately, Laurel can’t catch a break. Being haunted by her dead mom is one thing, but now there’s a hot elf appearing in her bedroom offering her a job in the Otherworld. Raise the dead king and make him choose an heir. But when a cloaked figure tells her that the king was murdered, who can you trust?

I have something, but I have to see if you find it compelling

So the writer must be Black? *confuse

The book: Three Deadly Regrets
The main character is a black teen

Then I may know some actually. Will make a list later today :slight_smile:

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The Hate U Give
On The Come Up
Children of Blood and Bone
Dread Nation
A Blade so Black
The Poet X
Promise of Shadows
Opposite of Always
The Weight of the Stars

I haven’t read most myself, so can’t say much about them besides that they are written by black authors and feature black teens, mostly girls.

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I found something!

Partyers (divided in two parts; only three chapters are posted tho)
005-334 (the story of five sisters who are in bad terms with each other, often having spats via text message)
Little A’s (there are about 10 main characters, some of them are black and have an important role in the story)
Thankful for Life’s Many Blessings (letters and poems alternate)
Aalaezah vs. McCartney (the male MC is black, and one of his potential love interests is too)

You can choose whatever story you find interesting.

Thank you. Are all the authors black?

They’re all on my alternate account. And, yeah, I’m black!