Apocalyptic Stories

I’m an avid reader and writer of apocalyptic stories, and I’m looking to create a reading list with some of them. I’ve got a couple of criteria, so if your story mostly matches what I’m looking for, then go ahead and post it down here:

What I’m looking for:

  • Any type of apocalyptic scenario (Nuclear warfare, climate change disaster, earthquakes + volcanoes, etc.) But I’m more interested in pandemics (and especially zombie ones).
  • Some emphasis on survival, though the more hardcore, the better.
  • Sub-genres of romance, teen fiction, and horror are alright.
  • Preferably from authors that have under 5k views, though I’m fine if you or your suggestions are over them.
  • Preferably a more slow-burn plot.
  • Mature content is alright.

What I’m not looking for:

  • No fantasy. No offense to fantasy writers, but fantasy is a genre that doesn’t interest me at all, so I’d prefer if the fantasy elements are kept to none.
  • No high-tech futuristic society. I’m a bit more lenient on this if it is for nuclear warfare or climate change, but I’d prefer to keep the hard-core sci-fi elements to a minimum.


  • Aliens. I’m okay with alien stories, but I prefer it to be stories about people with aliens in the backdrop.
  • Comedy. It’s usually a hit or miss genre for me, and I’m a bit hesitant to read comedy-apocalypse, but I’m open to checking out your book if it has some comedic-elements.

I have a few that might interest you!

Zombies are walking through the neighbourhood, and they’re wearing military uniforms.

With nothing left to lose, a group of young adults decide they’ve had enough. The government has turned against their people - disappearing as the state-wide lockdowns began. Online forums blame foreigners, current political leaders and the ongoing natural disasters that tore apart entire towns.

Then, the internet comes crashing down. The world goes into silence.

They leave the safety of their homes for one reason; to find answers, and maybe, save the world along the way.

Worldwide nuclear warfare decimated the Earth in 2045. Shortly after the destruction, The Council emerged. They proposed one solution: send the most valuable survivors to Kepler-168F, a planet with similar conditions to Earth.

At eighteen, Etta Parker became one of the Chosen. Her ruthlessness and cunning were unmatched in combat, earning her the reputation as “the bringer of death” in the historically renowned trials.

At the age of twenty-five, Etta Parker’s life changed. On Kepler-168F, a woman’s duty is to marry and produce children, however valuable they are deemed to be.

Etta refuses to give up her life to become a mother. She cannot wipe the image of her own mother, a bullet wound penetrating her stomach, her mouth fixated in a silent scream. The Council had murdered her. Etta wasn’t going to allow them to bully her into a life she didn’t want to live.

She craves power and freedom - and she’ll seize them by any means.

Ttod Walker shouldn’t have let his friends die, though he considered it a necessary evil. The final decision had been simple, logical. If he hadn’t left, the zombies would have torn him apart, leaving his loved ones without a captain - without an option for escape. So, Ttod had pulled the anchor and drifted away.

When the memories begin to plague Ttod’s memory, what will he do? Will he forgive himself for his mistakes, or will his guilt become too much for him to bear?


Hey there! Would you be interested in a dystopian?

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As longs there aren’t any hard-sci-fi elements and fantasy and some element of apocalypse, I’ll be fine with dystopian.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely be checking them out!

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Wonderful! There’s elements of apocalypse of course, and the sci-fi elements are toned down. It is also magical realism (one fantasy or unrealistic event takes place eg. raining continually for 100 years in one town - in this one it’s that things disappear off the face of the earth.)
Anyway, I’ll put it here for you to check out, but if it’s not to your liking, don’t feel pressure to take it. :blush:
When They Were Gone
When They Were Gone - cover 1

In order to defeat the State, a ‘two-faced’ army commander plots with a technical worker against a mysterious vigilante.

A war across the nations, a girl and a boy so close yet so far apart, and a controlling, totalitarian State that the two wish to fight against.
Upheaval begins to echo across the land as soon, objects start to disappear one at a time. The people become divided as a girl stands in the middle, sick of life’s hassle, as loneliness wracks her body. Yet, in the midst of the chaos, one girl, one boy will push through, trying desperately to make sense of the disaster around them.
It’s quite simple really:
They had to go.

Genre: Magical Realism Dystopian - psychological thriller, mystery, fantasy, romance, etc.
Ongoing - 16 Chapters

click cover to read

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This is an epistolary story (completed) that’s about a natural disaster. I’m not entirely sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but I’ll share it either way; see if it strikes your fancy.



Link: Siege of Area 51

Description: The fate of the world rests on a successful infiltration of Area 51. The plan to carry out this mission has been in the works for the past year. And now the time has come to set it all in motion. Chris is joined by friends and acquaintances alike in their quest to help Rosario, a mysterious time-traveller to free the aliens being kept at Area 51. The situation gets complicated when one of the friends tries to capture Rosario. Will they carry out the mission in time or will they fail and put mankind’s future in jeopardy?

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I have a story that might interest you, then. It’s a sort of pre-apocalyptic story where the characters live in a world that’s been ravaged by global warming and they have to deal with stopping the apocalypse from outside sources. Hope you enjoy!


Title: The Thousand-eyed Crow
Author: @aerys_the_mad
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/207437211-the-thousand-eyed-crow
Mature: yes (blood, gore, sex)
Genre: Horror, Scifi, Thriller, Supernatural/Paranormal, Occult, LGBTQ+

In the year 2147, when global warming has devastated the earth and the political economy has moved to a more centralized form of production, and when practicing religion is highly discouraged, twins Caoimhe and Kallias experience visions of what they can only identify as “the Thousand-eyed Crow”. As they delve deeper into the mystery behind this being, they discover just how convoluted and terrifying the world beyond our own can be.

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I have one. It’s mostly finished, but I have a few more chapters to clean up and publish.

It’s a sort of romance I guess. Not sci-fi, not fantasy. It’s a pandemic setting and how an 18 year old girl survives.
There are mature themes, sex mostly, very slight mentions of drinking and weed.


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Hey! I was also looking for some apocalyptic scenarios myself and I came across this really cool book called The Drifters by @TheOchiParadox; it’s ongoing and has only 4 chapters so far, but it’s worth checking out :smile:


SurvivorZ started out based on the George Romero slow-walking zombie apocalypse, but by the second book, the parasitic organisms responsible have mutated to the point where the living must contend with faster, more intelligent zombies, zombie animals, mutated boss zombies, and spider-like creatures bred from undead brain matter. If you’re looking for an apocalyptic adventure tale that doesn’t mess around, you’ll find the end of the world creepier than anything you could’ve imagined, right here:


What could force a disgraced police officer, a pair of mafia hitmen, an army NCO, and a group of terrified civilians to band together for survival? Nothing short of the zombie apocalypse. The recently deceased are clawing from their graves and roaming the earth with an insatiable appetite for living flesh. In a hunted, desperate world, only the strong, smart, and fortunate will survive to see another day.


Humanity has become a hunted species. Survival means banding together against a global, evolving zombie threat. For one conflicted group, including a disgraced police officer, a ruthless mafia hitman, battle-hardened soldiers and traumatized civilians, finding safe harbor will be no easy matter. On their own, they’ve proven they can outlast the dead. Now, they’ll have to survive each other.

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Bayyek and Kimkim, Ektot’s older sister, were born on the same day and grew up together in a small town. They were seen as “meant to be together” by the town folks at a very young age since they were inseparable. Eventually, they started dating upon entering high school. This makes Ektot jealous since her sister’s attention has always been fixed towards Bayyek. Both would consistently clash and compete in an attempt to gain Kimkim’s attention and favor. Unfortunately, They lost Kimkim in an accident during a school trip, making them feel empty and scarred which would in time transform them into the individuals that they are in the present. Several years have passed and they grew into adults who chose different directions in life, only to cross paths once again as they strive to survive when the dead suddenly decided to walk among the living. Join Bayyek, Ektot and their friends in a thrilling adventure and tragic tale as they go about life within the city enclosed in the Magnificent Province of Benguet, a beautiful place of cold weather and mountainous terrain in the Northern part of the Philippine Archipelago, that is overrun by the walking dead.

maybe just a bit, I’ll put it here if it still interests you

being not a native English speaker, i think my type of comedy will we a bit off: just a warning

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These are actual paperback books not on Wattpad, but these fit in with the apocalyptic theme you’re looking for:

Reconquest: Mother Earth” by Carl Alves
Epocalypse” by Gary Adler
“Backbiters” by Debra Leea Glasheen
"The End of Jack Cruz" by A.A. Garrison

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I have a story that meets a bunch of your criteria :slight_smile:. My scifi novella, The Floating Cradle, is about a rural family trying to survive the immediate aftermath of global thermonuclear war while reconciling past trauma and differences. The tension ramps up slowly and then explodes in the second half (literally). 6k reads so far. There are some aliens, but the majority of characters are human, and it is ultimately a story about human nature, relationships, and resilience.

LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/story/205848329-the-floating-cradle

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Thank you ^.^ itll be updated quite regularly soon. Just had to move houses last week.

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Can’t wait! :grin:

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hey!!! j’écris une histoire dystopique en ce moment si tu es toujours intéressé(e).

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Welcome to the Wattpad community, unfortunately, I won’t be able to read your book since I don’t know any French.

Bienvenue dans la communauté Wattpad, malheureusement, je ne pourrai pas lire votre livre car je ne connais pas le français (j’utilise google translate maintenant).

Based on your criteria, you’ll probably love @rpbriggs The Absence of Knowledge. It has over 200K read but that’s because it’s a brilliant novel.

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End of the Living
end of the living

Nick Lacey used to be an average, college guy. He never expected to find himself fighting for his life in a world doomed to death. The day of his big test, Nicks world is shattered when a fungal outbreak consumes mankind. Now, Nick must find a cure for this outbreak, but, will the monsters of this new world prove to be too much?

Mae Adams; a charismatic, loving girl in a big world. Nothing could have prepared her for the day an outbreak rips across the world. She must learn to adjust to a cruel world in hopes of surviving. If she doesn’t, the real monsters will soon find her.


WARNING: Mature content

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