App for Wattpad Community?

I guess you could say I’m an ‘app lover’ but, since I’m always on my phone, I like to access everything through it. I’ve always wanted to be more active in the Community forums and such, but was always overwhelmed by the website you had to go to in order to get to it.

Having explored it in pieces every now and then, I’ve become a little more comfortable with using the Forums.

The ONLY thing I would like to change about it would be to possibly have a separate app for the Forums, set up the same way the website is.

As I said, I’m an ‘app lover’ and always on my phone. Accessing the website (like I am now) is sometimes a pain for me personally, even with the mobile view.

Do I just have an unpopular opinion?

You can access the forums through the Discourse app.


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Search “Discourse” in your app store. It’s what I use to access the forums on my phone, works great!


If you’re looking for something like DiscourseHub, it does exist! I’m on mobile so the best I can do is link this thread that has download links Are there any plans to make an App for the forum, or integrate it into the main app?


Oh I meant finding how to access this forum through the app itself :slight_smile:


I had no idea! And it’s actually for the Wattpad Community Forums?

So I just go directly through Discourse? I don’t have to download another app?

It’s technically for any discourse forum, but you can connect to the Wattpad one from there.

Disclaimer: it wraps the website into a native app, so there’s that. But it also offers push notifications :slight_smile: I also think it’s a little less overwhelming just to get into the forum part from the app since it keeps you logged in once it’s set up.

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Ohh I don’t remember now because it’s already saved onto my Discourse. But there’s a plus sign on the upper left corner and I think you just type in the website there.

Yep! On the Discourse app, you should be able to find the Wattpad forums.

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@AuthorJenniferPorter @BrookeNotAshley Okay, I just re-did mine. So on the app, hit the plus sign in the upper left, and type in Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

Ooo hi @BrookeNotAshley i know you :smiley: hope you get the help you need <3

This is an awesome idea. I use my iPad and phone most of the time so I’d love an app.

Oooo this sounds fun

I agree.

I would love one, it would make it more ‘organized’.

It’s not getting implemented neither through the web nor the app as people coding poses a security risk. It was decided when the forums were still in beta. :woman_shrugging:

How do you get wattpad on discourse app? Every time I try it says not found

I’d like the forums to be accessible via the app, because i use my phone to currently access the forums and it’snot a great experience, not very well designed for mobile use.

What are you typing in? works for me.