Apparently eligible for the wattys even though book is 3 years old...

So I was just editing the blurb of a story I posted on wattpad in 2016, and it said it’s eligible for submission to the wattys… But how can it be when i first published it in 2016? I edited a couple of chapters earlier this year, and added an extra chapter, so is that why it’s counted as “eligible”? As far as I’m concerned, it shouldn’t be eligible since its been on wattpad for 3 years… How can we trust other books that are entered if the rules are bent by wattpad itself?

Edited work can submit as it can be different than the ones first published

I had a poetry book back from July 2018 I changed the format and what is in it for

So I am sure that is the reason for it being eligible for entering


So i could alter one simple word in one chapter and that would make it eligible? That hardly seems fair. It doesn’t make sense. Apparently most of my books are eligible for the wattys bit i don’t see how when they were first posted up to 3 years ago. I’ve made typo alterations to some of them this year, that’s all… That seems like major bending of the rules.


I am not sure :shrug: I edited the whole poem for multiple parts and it isn’t the same anymore

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I just checked out the official rules which say that story content must have been edited by at least 10,000 words. I know for a fact i haven’t altered 10,000 words, so how is this eligible? It gives me no faith whatsoever in the awards if books which break the rules can be entered…

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Huh weird

Are you positive you didn’t edit 10,000 words? I feel like 10,000 can go by pretty quickly without realizing it.


The way I personally write, this would be around 10,000 words.

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Absolutely 100% positive. I cleaned up typos, that’s all. The extrs chapter i added has only one single image on it, not words.

Another writer who i follow also has some of their books marked as eligible even though they aren’t. I’ve submitted a report to the help center, so will see what they have to say about it.


They will be checking revision history to make sure a person did add 10K words to the book and didn’t just re-publish something to make it eligible.

Yep, I’m that other writer. I did replace a few chapters and added some scenes to one book, but I’m almost be 100% sure it wasn’t 10k words? At the very least, I won’t enter it cuz I personally feel it doesn’t qualify, but I dunno 🤷


I’m confused about this happening to me too. I uploaded a significantly revised version but I haven’t “added” a lot of words per se. But the chapters have had a big overhaul. Does this sort of editing count as “adding 10k words” because my story is eligible?

It may have that showing on all books. I’m not sure. If you’ve added 10k words over the last eight months or so, it would be eligible, no matter when the book was started.

I’m wondering this myself because I’m in the process of redrafting a story I entered last year that I feel doesn’t actually qualify as is at the moment (despite Wattpad saying it does). Would a redraft count if I finished it in time?

Unfortunately I don’t know what does or doesn’t count toward the 10K new words, that’s up to HQ I’m afraid. The only thing I know for sure is that it’s 10K new words between last august and this august and that Wattpad would be vetting them to make sure people aren’t just re-publishing their chapters to get a new published date and qualify.

My assumption is if the chapter is clearly significantly different from the previous version they check that it’ll count, but definitely don’t take that as gospel because I don’t know for sure. Best thing to do, provide it is a significant difference and not just a couple words, is to just go with it and see what happens. Absolute worse case scenario is it isn’t enough new content to pass the qualification round.

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Perhaps it counts the word count for the whole edited chapter. After all, you can rewrite a considerable portion but end up with a word count that doesn’t change much.

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Personally i’m convinced this is an error because i’m absolutely positive my stories aren’t eligible. I edited typos, that’s all. Definitely not 10,000 words. It doesn’t give me confidence in the wattys at all, if i think of how a book which breaks the rules could actually win because the wp algorithm has an error which makes it “eligible”.

I actually checked to see how many words i added and it’s roughly 1k…

I got a reply from wattpad about this issue:

“Sorry for the confusion this has caused- the way that our apps are built, we’re currently using modified date for the form to appear, but all stories that haven’t had a new part created within the eligibility dates will be disqualified once we begin reviewing them, as we’re able to see the original create date within our servers.”

So basically, it’s not working properly, surprise surprise.

Damn. Okay. Well, at least I know to not waste time editing a book that will end up being tossed to the side anyways lol

Thank you for posting this update!


No problem. I think it’s a let down to make people think they are eligible when they really aren’t. This years wattys seems so badly organised.