Appeal Process Seems Lacking

Anyone else find the appeals process for photos slightly lacking? I’m writing a historical fiction novel set in World War 2, and it deals SPECIFICALLY with Nazi experiments on POWs and Jewish prisoners and their struggles to survive the ordeal.

I thought to myself “Hmmm a Swastika or concentration camp might be pretty unsettling and disturbing, so instead I’ll just put generic pills in black and white (my story deals with medical experiments)”. Nothing published, just drafts I’m updating. Bam…flagged photo for self-harm and suicide?

Naturally I appeal thinking “oh, maybe the algorithm saw it as something it’s not”. In my explanation I showcase the idea behind NOT showing upsetting imagery associated with Germany, and instead using generic pills to still make it connect to my story. 24 hours later, “we reviewed your appeal and it glorifies self-harm and suicide.”

…What? Disappointed, but I doubt a human actually looked at my appeals. Probably a 24 hour automatic response that just denies everyone.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: This place is a flippin’ laugh-riot. So, you deliberately over-censor yourself to avoid the very imagery that your entire book is about, throw some pills up there, and the assumption, upon seeing “pills” is “self harm/suicide.” That’s… :rofl: :joy: …that’s completely insane. I mean, I take a pill every day. You know, for my heart. But…okay. My cover has a Capuchin monkey sitting on a huge pile of meth – certainly enough to kill a man, and nothing says “self-harm” to me more than METH, but…okay Wattpad!

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The thing I’m worried about is getting flagged again, since they said I could have my stories removed. It terrifies me, and I’m now asking myself “Well, what can I use as a cover then?”. It’s frustrating since if I show a barbed wire fence, will that be flagged for something? World War 2 was a horrible time for MANY people, especially those in concentration camps, so I can’t put something like a sunflower or smiling balloon.

What the heck is their problem. Pills don’t mean self harm and suicide…

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All you can do is put something up and hope they’re not morons. Ironically, if anything makes me want to kill myself, it’s this level of stupidity.

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I think I’ll try to go with a generic “black and white” barbed wire. Of course I’ll do that AFTER I save all my stories to a flash drive (I do most of my editing on here and only have OLD drafts saved on my computer). For now, just a white blank canvas until I have my updated stories secured. Who knows, barbed wire might glorify something else and I’ll lose access to my own stories.

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Never, ever…ever…write and edit solely on Wattpad. Seriously, if you care at all about what you’re doing, right now is a great time to get yourself in the habit of just writing into a Word Doc, on your laptop, and saving everything onto an external hard drive or cloud.

Seriously, I see this all the time here. People losing writing, or not having access to it, and it boggles the mind. I wouldn’t dream of actually writing on this, or any, social platform.

Usually I write solely on Word and then transfer it over, but for The Wattys I updated my fanfiction novel in order to polish it and never moved it back over to my original word doc. I’m actually doing so as I type this lol.

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