Apply for an exciting writing project.

I am looking to band together several talented writers for a project. This project is going to take time, not in the sense of taking up a lot of your time, just that it won’t be completed right away. This will give you a story on your profile and expose you to readers who are fans of many different genre’s. I need someone to help head up the group that is good at puzzles, organizing and has good leadership skills. You can learn more by contacting me directly because this will be a secret project for the time being. There will be an interview process but take my word for it, it’ll be an exciting and fun opportunity. Contact me directly for instructions on how to apply. It will be like a book club (with ending results and we will not be reading other people’s books.) You must have access to whatever group chat we decide to use. Right now I am only looking for the person who can organize and help develop my idea. Later, we will choose a writer from each genre we need.


Hi there, I shifted your thread into the story services as it is a better fit.
Good luck with your project,

Lina - Community Ambassador

Hey there - I am interested. I have many creative ideas. So hit me up. I am keen!!

Oh, I write erotic romance- fantasy romance - fantasy and YA

Hey there. I have never had such experience at organizing anything🤔 But this sounds really interesting and perhaps I can help you somehow. I write mostly mystery and romance, or both in the same place, but in my personal world out of wattpad I have dive into different genres as well.

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