Are Books marked as Mature sidelined ?


Maybe since they are in the entertainment business ?


They’ve collaborated with AMC and there were no issues with a mature rating there. But I don’t really know much about Lionsgate tbh. So I don’t know.


I think honest mature books have lost out in visibility but authors who rated their work PG13 when it was fully mature and got away with it for years collecting millions of reads and enjoying visibility and traumatising young people, because their scenes were buried deep inside for moderators to notice I guess, have been winners. Now the rankings of mature books come. I have no opinion. It doesnt affect me. I dont have mature works… But I do feel there was inconsistency … there was no sanction for people who did rate clearly mature works as PG!3 with the most graphic detail… Unfortunately I read one and was very disgusted at some scenes and now I am not too keen on checking out many mature books. I dont want to get traumatised… Some stuff people post is not even 18+… I think the stuff are unsuitable for all audiences because they are so disturbing and crude


Far as I heard, Wattpad is not setting aside ranking “mature” titles anymore.I think some of that might be because of discussions as to what “mature” means. -Or maybe not. In any case, they should now be ranking in accord with their “normal” procedure - whatever that is. -Or so Ive been told. Hope that helps you some…


As someone with mature books that are ranking; they are :wink:


I know some were upset because they felt mature meant (for wattpad) that 'Mature" meant most of the characters were of adult age, some topics political, or historical, so on, and later found they couldn’t change the label, not expecting it to mean ultra violent, soft to hard porn, whatever. But they were all lumped in with ones that were, rather permanently, and left unranked. Dunno if this is germane, just my two cents.


I’ve unmarked one of my books as mature when I found out swearing really didn’t play into the rating factor.


You can unmark your books. I’ve done it after they changed the rules, recently.


Oh? Ill have to check and see. I didn’t throw the switch , but the box is prefilled with mature, and didn’t seem to be any other choices. Maybe that’s all there is. … On/Off . I’ll check again later. Thanks for the update.


No problem! :slight_smile:


This is way later, but the rating by default can be changed by the author, but it also possible for it to get locked in mature position. I think this only happens if a work was flagged and was reviewed.


But where does the mature get less reads come from?

Sometimes I fear I make readers not trust it when I tag my work mature. Someone might review it, and locked out in “Everyone under 18.”

I’ve kind of used the system against itself by using the mature tag a way to set things private, before I knew there was a private story option.


You mean the idea that they get less reads?

I think this was from before when they couldn’t rank.

But younger readers could always still find nature rated works of they wanted. They just had to search.

Also, like others have said, one can see from demographics what age readers they have.

So it’s not like the mature rating excludes readers.


That’s the thing that surprises the most, despte the content, it seems like the oldest I tend to attract is around 25. The exception being the one time I got one anon who was 40.

Consider that we’re also approaching an age where 60 is increasingly becoming middle aged. Aside from the temporary trend of 20 being middle aged.

Not to sugget 20 is anything like children’s books (you just try reading one spot, and they’ll be happy to either punch you, or … really feel sorry for you.XD)

I just mean it surprising what readers I get sometimes.

And I’m approaching 30, so evidently the age you are has little bearing on who your readers are.

I would go even further, and so who reads your work is often not always going to be the country or ethnic group you write about.

Even if one point it might list Finland, France, Italy, or Suisse, the only commonality might be that your primary fans are either from really hot or really cold regions.

(Which is interesting, in its own right. I mean, are people from the very far North or South, really that cynical? That’s kind of depressing.)

Yea I’m just waiting for the one hipster that breaks the trend, that always seems to happen.:confused:


They use the TOR browser. In which case, my hats off to you.


The reason the majority of your readers are either 13-18 or 18-25 is because there really aren’t many outside of those demographics. And the majority on the site are Americans too. That’s why it’s easier to attract those.


Yes, but I would have thought it be all Americans, that’s how it was a few months ago.


As your book’s popularity grows, so does the demographics. I noticed my books’ reach grow the more I was active ln the clubs, so maybe it’s the same for you?


I agree… after i tag mine as mature… i have yet to get any reads…