Are My Three Title's Similar Enough - Poll

Hi there everyone! It’s GlitchandGlitz here, and I’ll keep this short. I have three titles and I want to know if they fit together. I’ll put up a poll, and please let me know! Thank you all,
Hearts and Glitches,


  • Shadow Storm
  • Bonds of Steel
  • Of Stars And Blood
  • They fit together well
  • They are too different

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They’re awesome titles, I’m just not sure they connect really well.


I wish I can make titles like this

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Honestly, I think the ‘s’ sound connects them nicely! I would only recommend changing Of Stars and Blood to just Stars and Blood.

Like all of my title advice, this comes with the caveat that you want to make sure these are all original, Google search, etc. (●´ω`●)


As @yvesdot said, I think the “s” sound connects them well, but the general themes and connotation that I get from each harmonize/match with one another for me too. I get a ‘determination’ feeling from them, like fighting and toiling for something.

Are these for a book series?

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Yup! They are all subtitles under the series title ‘Worlds Collide’. They each work well with their individual books, I’m just worried about the overall.

Bonds of Steel is about a young girl with two metal legs, a metal arm, and a metal eye. She is an Oramist, which is a magic that relates back to science, and she has to try and work against a corrupt organization that relates back to the government in SPOILER WAYS!

Shadow Storm is about a girl named Jaidyn Storm who has to discover the ‘shadow’ part of herself throughout the book.

And Of Stars and Steel is about a swashbuckling cyborg space pirate who travels the world looking for the pieces to a very important device.

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Good titles. fit together well enough

I love these titles, they are beautiful and convey great imagery. I think they fit together well except for the first one, it’s great but doesn’t have the same flow as the others. But that’s just me. Happy writing!


I really like all three, but I’m not sure that based on title alone I can see the connection there. Coherent, themed covers could make them work, though.

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