Are Pantsers a bigger group than I thought?


Oh you write in your native language too? What is it? :smile:

(Also, wooh for working on several projects at a time! I rarely meet anyone who do that!)


My native language is Swedish. Is English your first language?


Neighbour! No my native languages are Danish and Faroese :smile:

Do you upload stories in Swedish on Wattpad? I’ve found it hard to find other Danes here, and Wattpad is generally not very known in Denmark - how is it in Sweden?


I’ve only met a few sweds on WP but I think more of them read then writes. And with that in mind I believe that it’s not that well known over here. But that is just my guess.

And to your question, no I don’t upload my Swedish stories. I do publish them in physical format so you can buy them at webshops here in sweden.

Do you also write in danish?


Generally not a whole lot of Scandinavians here. I wonder if Wattpad just hasn’t made it there yet, and if it will now with films like The Kissing Booth being on Netflix and all.

Oh, awesome! Good on ya :smile:

No, I haven’t written in Danish for years now. I feel like English has a lot more room for the kind of storytelling I wanna do, and Danish is just limited there.


That is my thoughs too that it’s not that well known.

I write Young adult books in Swedish and my English books are romance since it also felt like English gave that kind of book more justice. What kind of books do you write?


Would be cool if it was. Imagine having a Scandi-Wattcon :smile:

Oh nice! Yeah, English is amazing for Romance. I can definitely understand the preference.
I write Fantasy - and honestly it just sounds cooler in English :joy:


I agree some books sounds better in English. I’ve tried to write Young adult in English but I just couldn’t get it to sound right. But with the romance it just flowed and I think that’s also why it felt like the books wrote themselves.

Have you been on Wattpad long? I’ve just been a member for little over a year. So I have to be dumb and ask what is Wattcon? LOL


Amazing you then have the option of writing one in Swedish and the other in English :smile: You get the best of both worlds.

No, I signed up in March 2017 - so a little over 1½ years. Here’s a little about Wattcon:

It’s a convention for Wattpadders and there’ll be all kinds of talks - with both Stars and HQ!


Oh that sounds so cool and yes it would be awesome to have a Scandi-wattcon in that case.

So have you been writing for many years?


Right? :smile: I’d love it.

I’ve been writing since I could. I always loved telling stories and reading, so writing is basically second nature to me. It wasn’t actually until recently I realised not everyone just writes stories for fun. I kind of always assumed they did :joy:

How about you?


Oh I’ve been writing for about +22 years. I started early too and I agree, writing is like breathing to me. I have to do it to stay sane.


Amen to this. If I don’t do it, stories and characters will clutter my brain.


Personally, I have been told to “plan my texts” on various occasions throughout my life; online writing advice, academia, etc. Maybe this explains why some people think pantsers are rarer than they in reality are.

Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle of a plotter and pantser, and it often depends on the kind of text or story I am writing; how extensive is the text going to be? How many elements are there to consider and maintain a coherence of? Are there specific world building or era-specific elements I have to take into account while writing? Curiously enough I am “presently” writing a novelette set in the mid 19th century, and some central themes of it are the individual versus society dynamic, determinism and morality – and I do not plot it remarkably. I search and read up on the aspects that require a more researched basis as I go along. . . and I might do a proper error check once it is completed.


I believe I fall somewhere in the middle as well. My first story was “plantsed” it had a rough outline some character notes but nothing too specific and it went great, I find I need at least a little structure to refer back to but I like the freedom of not having everything nailed down.

My second piece I decided to plan extensively to see what it was it was like, I wrote a huge bunch of notes on plot, characters, setting, conflicts, everything. It would have been great if only I’d stuck to it, 25,000 words in i looked back at that plan and realized that the plan and the story did not match and the plan was much better than what I’d written. It was incredibly disheartening and I lost all motivation to keep writing, I wrapped up the plot and shelved the story.

For my third story I figured it was time to completely pants it. Which was interesting to say the least, I really liked the wide open possibilities, and characters seemed to come to life easier than in a planned story, but I found myself lost often, the plot meandered and took weird turns, details lost consistency. By the end of the first act I could pants no more, and wrote myself a little outline.

It was really interesting to explore all the methods, I liked the structure offered by planning but had a hard time stickig to it. The freedom and wild abandon of pantsing was fun but my plot suffered. For me, I think a mix of the two is my best option


An avid pantser here! :raising_hand_woman:t2:
I have never really plotted any of my works, they just happen!
Sometimes I wish I could have an attention span that allows me to plot a story! :joy:


For me I usually have some idea of the beginning and end but I have to wait until I’ve got a good feel for the characters before I can ‘see’ how the story is going to go in the middle. I’ve got one story where I hit that point and was able to plot out the full thing but my first was completely pantsed and needed so much revision/rewriting.

The one I’m working on at the moment I have a reasonable grasp on but I refuse to write the outline because any time I think about the ending I WEEP so I’d rather ignore it until I get there.


I do both outlining and pantsing.


I saw the title for this thread and I was just like, “I GOTTA JOIN!!!”

I’m an absolute pantser. I do start out with a general idea of my story, but everything ends up changing as I go along. The current story I’m writing is completely built this way. For example and possible spoilers: a small character that my main character met on a plane just happens to show up later and became a bigger part of the overarching plot.


Absolutely true pantser. All my stories, long or short, are written with no planning. I take time to develop an idea, research, think about the basic main aspects of the story and get a very basic outline of the characters, but i don’t plan the plot or anything else. My characters develop as I write and I get to know them along the way. They say what they want, do what they want. I’ve written quite alot of stories without knowing how they will end. For me personally it is so much more natural and real than if I planned it. My own fears, wishes, brliefs etc bleed through into the story and that makes it real. If I plan, none of that happens. I treat my characters like real people who i need to get to know, I let thrm speak and act as they need to, and that makes them like real people. When I try to plan them it ends up stilted, forced and fake. That’s how it works for me, I’m not saying that’s how it is for everyone.