Are Pantsers a bigger group than I thought?


I’m kinda scared that I don’t have any kind of idea how my current novel is going to end, but I guess it’s part of the fun.:joy:


I consider myself a panster because I can’t plot but it taking forever to write as I have A. D. D. and dyslexia symptoms


Its hard to really define “pantser.” If you have a very good idea in mind for a story, and an ending to achieve, Is it pantsing because you did not write it out first? How many scribbled notes need to become a formal outline before pantsing ceases to be the mode?


I’m a total pantser in the beginning. I just get an idea in my head and start going. It’s usually around the 20-30,000 word mark that I make an outline to keep all my ideas in order but even then nothing is set in stone. If I get a better idea when I’m ‘in the zone’ writing, I’ll abandon my outline and go the new direction.


I think pantser is someone who sees themselves almost like a conduit for the story to write itself. The idea has a life of it’s own. But yeah, if you know you need to get from point A to B and then C, isn’t that just a very loose outline?
I guess plotters and pantsers aren’t that different after all.
I’ve never understood when people say the cons of being a plotter is that you have to stick to your outline… but if the story requires it why not change the outline?


I started off with only the ending in mind and started writing from there with no idea what was going to happen! Since then, I’ve been complimented for my complex plot by many readers and I have equally no idea what I’m doing in the sequel - I started off with NOTHING, not even the ending - so I guess you can say that I’m a true pantser and that it’s been a success for me! :blush:


Me too! I can’t decide if I’m just being mysteriously creative or actually an unorganised disaster waiting to happen :joy:


im a plantser… I didn’t plan it out for the ifrst ten chapters… and then backtracked a little.


Yeah, I might not know how my story is going to end, but now that I think back to the beginning, I’m starting to see how much editing I’m going to have to do.


Ooh I love the idea of meeting on a plane! I so want that to be a romance… Haha now I want to write an unlikely romance about plane crash victems… Maybe one of them is an idol…


I’m a pantser, in a way I wish i wasn’t, but there’s something about making it up as you go along… :wink: My problem is… I always find myself in a hole, or i lose interest, or something. any ideas would be welcome. Actually, i know that i’m just too lazy to plan?


I’m a huge pantser, but I get stuck too. I’m not one to really plot anything down, yet when I’m not writing all I can think about is what will come next. So if something just pops in to my head, (I’m not gonna lie) I write it down. It’s what comes before that that’s a complete mystery to me. I try to slowly work my way to that big plot point and anything can happen during that time. By the end, half the time I don’t ended up where I thought I was going.


Bumping this thread because I had to google the word and then had my “aha”-moment all being like, “welp, that’s basically me”. :see_no_evil:

I pretty much have been winging 90% of my writing over the last decade. I always had scenes in mind that I wanted to write, and the rest came along the way, I guess.

But I also never really finished a project (apart from two fan books of about 1k pages each I wrote with a dear friend, bless her soul), so that’s definitely on me pantsing everything. So I’ve come around to the idea that I need a middle ground.

If you’re still in the market for suggestions? Make notes of the scenes that pop into your head, lay out a basic guide- and timeline for you project. I’ve come to the conclusion that winging EVERYTHING doesn’t always (or almost never, really) result in a finished novel, so maybe that kind of middle ground is for you, too?

Also, I hope that uploading my chapters on Wattpad will help, too. I can always edit and change the chapters later. I think it’s all about… not being afraid of mistakes, I guess?


I am a panster, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. My greatest success at pantsing so far as Nano last year, I won with a 79k completed novel.


This is so me.


I pantsed all 8 of my complete works and a lot of my incomplete works as well, which is why they remain incomplete but last year I decided to actually try and plot something out and while it has taken me forever I think I may have finally stopped pantsing….maybe :slight_smile:


I’ll have a written outline, but it’s mainly proof of concept – proof that my idea could fill a novel. Once I’m actually writing the story, better ideas tend to emerge than what’s in the outline, so I run with those instead.


That is also what I tend to do. I just want to make sure that my ideas are able to follow a structure of a novel.