Are Ranks Supposed to be Kind of Broken?


Hello! I’m just trying to figure out if this is a known, site-wide issue, or if it’s a specific problem I just have with my own work.

Rankings consistently just do not work. Today’s the first time they’ve shown up at all on my book’s page in over a week, and even then if I try to click the “see all rankings” link the page won’t load, saying the page seems to be missing.

Is there a way to fix this? Is this a bug affecting everyone?


It’s site-wide. It’s still listed as an “known issue” on the Help page.

So it’s not just you and there’s no way to fix it. Just gotta be patient and wait for the tech team to solve it.


Yeah, I noticed it too. honestly, I’m having a difficult time understanding them. they make no sense.


Thank you! Yeah, I just couldn’t find a bug list, and was wanting to make sure it wasn’t just me getting locked out of it. :,D


Does it ever really work though

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No problemo :smile:

You find the Help Center by scrolling down to the bottom of Wattpad mainsite (I find it the easiest to do on my own profile)

And then click here:

And that’ll take you to the known issues! :smile:


Also another thing I don’t understand with the ranking system. Do they only quantize the first tags you put or as you add them to your story you find new rankings that fit it?


…We’ve been waiting since May 2018, the moment they implemented this. There’s only so long I can be patient


They should use ALL of your tags - but you might not be ranking in all 25 (if you’re using 25) because you’re simply not hitting what the algorithm counts as good enough to rank in that particular tag.

Ie. you might not be getting enough traffic to rank in big core genre tags like for example #teenfiction

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Don’t know what else to tell you :woman_shrugging:

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Fair enough. You’re just a community amb

Also, you have premium? Is the 40 bucks worth it?

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Yeah exactly. I don’t have access to tech :joy:

Nope, I don’t. That’s just what it looks like as a form of advertisement, I reckon.


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If you’ve been reported and you’re not breaking any rules then there’s no reason to worry.


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But i have been warned son many times and it has become difficult to log in

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Yikes, okay, I think we should move this out of this thread and into something less public. You can PM me all the details.