Are the badges broken?

I was fooling around with badges the other day, and while some of them seem to be automatic, others–not so much. I wasn’t trying for cryptic ones at all like the mysterious goat one :goat: @nick seems to be in charge of. (see what I did there?)

But I mean ones such as the ‘share’ badge. It should be easy to get the badge–just use the share button on a thread or reply to share the topic. Unfortunately, sharing no matter what you send out, doesn’t seem to work.

Neither does “First link” and I’m guessing a couple of others. These shouldn’t be hard to get, but they are, and its been a full day so I’m not sure if it being delayed is the problem.


I don’t know a few days ago I got the “quote” badge, yet that was a few days ago.

A lot of things are broken on wattpad and wattpad community. People complained about demographics not working maybe a week ago.

I’m guessing wattpad plans on updating the website soon, seeing how many glitches and bugs are happening.

My advice: don’t worry it will be fixed.


The badges must be really slow. They just popped for me.

Well, I have received the “Nice Reply” badge 4 times in the past week so…who knows


I got the empathetic badge ten minutes ago. It’s been months since I got a badge and I thought they were broken until now.

You have been awarded “Badge of the Broken.”

Please proceed to glitchpad to collect your badge. XD


glitchpad sounds like a good site.


The badge depends on the quality of your post usually. The higher the quality, the more people who are likely to like it. I believe you have to receive ten likes on a post in order to receive that badge.

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funny thing is that i already did? like I’ve done alot of badges but I didn’t get them. that’s why i thought they were broken.

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Maybe it’s from typing in all italics? XD

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oh, italics don’t count? :stuck_out_tongue:

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@FantasybkLover To receive empathetic? You have to like 1000 posts and have 500 liked posts per the description here:

@Sam_le_fou You’ll get that badge every time one of your responses qualifies, so you can get it multiple times for multiple posts.

@AndreaKuska I don’t know this for sure, but it could be that the forums are lagging. We had issues with lagging notifications a day or two ago, and I’ve had badges lag in the past. How long has it been going on?


I’m tempted to write like this here until you don’t use italics. XD

on my dead italics

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That’s annoying as heck

It lagged for just over 24 hours. That’s some lag! I don’t really mind as the badges are just fun, but if the lag is that bad, you may never know what you did to get an obscure badge.

I didn’t even notice the badges until I saw this post.

Honestly I’m just here for the goat. How does one obtained it? :weary:

@_Nash_ida How do you got the badge First Share?

@Gleci2 You have to share someone’s post with people. Click on the chain button beside the reply and choose from the menu.