Are The Forums Here On Wattpad THAT Bad?

This is opinion based

So, I’m curious to know people’s opinions on the matter with Wattpad forums. I’ve seen a couple of users on here’s that pretty much plan on leaving the forums due to how toxic and everything it is, people getting into arguments, etc.

This especially applies to the Cafe. There’s plenty of different topics on here such as religion, politics, people’s views on things, etc. And these spiral into arguments and such that either don’t resolve and get locked OR resolved and everything is normal again. It’s controversial topics and/or opinions.

But from what I’ve seen people want to leave the forums due to it being toxic and everything. So it makes me wonder: Are the forums here on Wattpad THAT Bad?

Not that bad

I just stay away from controversial topics now :shrug:


Depends on where you go. If you avoid the controversial topics with debatable people, you’ll be fine.

Avoid all controversial topics. No thread is safe from the nasty arguments.


I used to lurk on 4chan and reddit. Believe me. The Wattpad forums are about as civil as things get.



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If they think the Wattpad forums are toxic, I feel sorry for them.

I find the forums great. Plenty of good, fun people, and you can get lots of help.


The forums are what you make of it. I personally avoid the controversial topics because writing is my forte, not political chats and the like online. I rather like it here. :slight_smile:


I haven’t encountered a toxic thread in a while. There are however those that takes things too far, but these haven’t been apparent much as of late from what I can tell.

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They’re not bad at all. I grew up on chatrooms and forums with no moderation as a pre-teen. This is as good as it’s gonna get :rofl:


I actually find that a bit shocking. Usually the “toxic” conversations are in controversial threads, so heated arguments is sort of the game there.

People can sometimes forget that there are widely varying opinions on things. I think people also struggle with “debating” versus “arguing”, so maybe that’s where they are getting a sense of things being toxic? (Although I don’t think it’s that bad here. It’s actually quite civil. Maybe they take it too close to heart?)

Part of being human is to disagree with each other. That can get heated. :woman_shrugging:t2: That’s how we learn, though!

I mean this is pretty much the truth :joy:



I find this question in general extremely surprising. I wouldn’t call the forums bad at all. There are always going to be arguments. That is inevitable when you have this many people in one spot at any given time - especially when you factor in differences in opinion, misunderstanding text, etc. But that is completely normal.

I definitely wouldn’t call the forums toxic compared to the rest of the internet, and I don’t even think I’d call them toxic compared to most real life situations. I actually find it to be a pretty positive place a strong majority of the time.


I must avoid all that junk because I’ve not really been involved in many arguments at all.

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They’re honestly not that bad. In fact, in most cases, you’ll find a lot of amazing people on here who are very down to earth.

The problem with the arguments is that it stems from a various amount of reasons.

  • Close-minded users.

Arguments can be created when there’s a user who is usually close-minded and doesn’t like the word “no” or doesn’t like to be told something that isn’t what they believe in. While a large majority of users on here aren’t like this at all, you will find a few close-minded people floating around because well… it’s the internet. Anything can happen. But they usually come up between the LGBT+, religion, and political topics (mostly revolving around things like “Christianity is the only religion,” “God hates gays,” and “Trump is the best person ever, everyone should vote for him for the next hundred years.”) In most cases, if you try to talk any sense into these close-minded folks, it’ll start heated discussions which may turn into a thread on fire…

This is also why you should avoid these kinds of topics (or avoid talking to those people) because replying and arguing doesn’t get you anywhere and just wastes your time.

  • Sarcasm gone wrong.

The next problem with arguments is that some (or in other cases, a lot) of users like to use sarcasm. Sometimes it’s trolls, other times, it’s a genuine comment. But there are users out there that don’t see the sarcasm behind it and with that, they may reply back with a snarky comment. Overall, it turns into a huge misunderstanding.

  • Dark jokes gone wrong.

Another thing that’s a stem from sarcasm are the dark jokes. Some users have a dark sense of humor and they may comment on something that is supposed to be taken as a joke, but then people mistake it for a literal thing (meaning that they don’t get it whatsoever) and then get mad at you for it. And then it turns into a huge fight.

I had a similar problem a few years back when a user had made a thread complaining about her aunt and how her aunt thinks writing is a waste of time and hates how she’s writing because “there’s no reason to waste your time on it.” In her thread, she made it seem like a big deal. And at the time, I had rough day and ended up replying to her and made a dark joke saying, “She should drink bleach,” (and I went onto say that people like her shouldn’t be here because they’re just tearing people down for no reason and the world doesn’t need that kind of negativity). But she took this to a totally different route and began ripping me a new one, saying, “I shouldn’t support suicide.”

Thing is, I don’t support suicide, and she doesn’t know my story whatsoever (because I’ve attempted it myself and been through ten years worth of depression and contemplating on it myself). But personally, I have a dark sense of humor and I say things like that all the time—even to my own family.

For her, she may have gone through a lot and didn’t need my comment, but the entire thing blew out of proportion and wasn’t what I wanted. But we both made up, and I follow her on social media now. However, she doesn’t use the clubs and I believe she deleted her Wattpad account (because Wattpad is “toxic.”)

But honestly, this kind of behavior kind of stems from wanting attention. Because in the thread, she described her aunt as like a horrible, horrible woman. And personally, I wouldn’t want that negativity in my life. Even if I loved her because she was family. I have my own troubled family who makes things in life negative and personally, I’m all for them not being in my life anymore. But if she didn’t want people to be negative toward her aunt, then she shouldn’t have made a thread about it. Because unlike most people who are like, “Awh, I’m sorry you have to deal with that,” I bring the honesty to the club. If she wanted to be negative toward her, I’ll be negative with her, too. But apparently, it only seemed like she only wanted people to tell her that they were sorry for having to be with that kind of toxic lifestyle… :woman_shrugging: :thinking:

  • Young or immature users.

Another problem with arguments is that they usually come from people who are young or immature. There was once someone on here who went into a lot of arguments because he couldn’t accept the things that people told him. He actually acted as if he was all high and mighty anyway and didn’t need help or didn’t need to be told his flaws (because in his eyes, his work was “better than anyone else’s on here”). And I’ve seen him on social media before, and he tells people to never come to Wattpad because it’s a “horrible place full of immature users.” xD

So, yeah… xD

Overall, if you stay away from those who may look for attention or drama or controversial topics, then all is good. :wink:


Nope, not bad at all. Heck, if social media didn’t have users who are…(I won’t say) then they, too, wouldn’t be toxic either. It’s just based on what threads you go and what kind of people you meet.

They even said WP is toxic now but it’s not to me? I just only find the year and some people that makes it toxic, not the site itself.

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0-0 you always have such in depth answers… wow, I admire putting that much thought and time into an answer. :joy: I just tend to spill words out in a barely coherent answer and I look over to see this nicely formatted response.


I’m just sick of the controversial threads -_-

The forums should also not be a place to post personal drama and I think it would be better if mods restricted certain people who have negative attitudes in the threads and keep creating bad discussion posts. I’m not referring to anyone in this thread, but you’ve been on here for almost as long as I have, and I think you could probably guess to some of the users I’m thinking about.

It was so nice and refreshing back when it was in the early weeks and now, seems like people create drama and fights because they want to sabotage people they’re jealous of.

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I mean to be real for a sec things have been really chill ever since you know who has left.


I mean, there are still some problem children but that’s enough tea spilt for this night.

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There’s also a difference between discussing and debating.