Are there any fictional diseases/illness in your story?


Your main character is sick with a fatal or non-fatal disease or illness that is commonly found in the fictional world. Is the disease or illness similar to the real life ones or not? Is there a way to treat this disease or illness with certain medicines, professional help, or not? Are they life threatening or not? How does your character handle dealing with this problem?

Fictional diseases/illnesses like this are mainly found in fantasy or science-fiction.

Explain in detail.






As for me, the purpose of that disease, for example: I want my character to struggle more. Then I present no available medicine. No available person that can cure him/her. Yes, I have this kind of event in a story that I written, because it’s in the plot that I created so the event can get connected. And I have reason for the other character can have his/her bargain.


So, there are no fictional diseases in your story?


Fictional disease, yes. It’s a soul based disease.


Could you explain a little about it? :slightly_smiling_face:


If I do explaining this, the rest, I wanted it confidential to my work. Can I? There was a race in my story, of course this is fantasy. So, once they’re unable to control their emotions(rage, angry, sadness, whatsoever) and while their other soul(s) aren’t/isn’t on their body(since my story has some characters have more souls, minor, major whatsoever), they unconsciously steal the soul of their mutual love ones. So, here, the people, the family of the victim, called for any physician, scholar, yet no one of them can cure their child about the unknown sickness of what they believe.


Sure. If you want you can place it in a spoiler or something. I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to go too much into detail if you feel a certain way. Don’t tell too much if you want.

Wowzers! That sucks!


Thank you. It’s just I like mystery. So this kind of case always in the mystery genre.


Hell yes! It’s the source where my main monsters in the book are coming from so far!
Just your random black pox, like disease that i called the Green Fever.
Turning normal people into Cravers: (they are named like that because they crave human flesh)
Them beasties are nasty who randomly mutate. Sprouting horns, tusks, sabres, huge physics, or gain serious speed… nothing unbeatable though and i dont intend to make them to powerfull…
i would say they are somewhere in between ghouls and zombies… but they aren’t undead

Nobody (except a few) in my book knows the real nature or origin of this disease … and I do ofcourse. hehehe


I have a disease in my WiP called the blight. It cause s small trees and flowers to grow on/in the host. It starts at the extremities (hands and feet) and works its way inward. Once it gets to the heart, it’s fatal.

Only a necromancer can cure it because it’s a disease born of the dead.


bit hard to follow that…


Sounds pretty cool.


Mages in my world can contract something called the Whispers. Most mages are naturally limited in how much they use their magic by the cost of it. However, if they aren’t, they develop an addiction to magic which eventually becomes the Whispers. They lose all impulse control and are consumed by intrusive thoughts. If you’ve ever been somewhere really high and wondered what it would be like to jump it just felt the impulse to for now reason, it’s like that times a thousand. They lose their moral compass. They may still recognize friends and family, but their impulses might still cause them to harm their lived ones. Many mages with the Whispers accidentally kill themselves due to those impulses. In my story, there is a brief discussion about how they may wander into traffic or step off buildings. They might get scared and set themselves on fire and self defense.


One of my supporting characters has a curse that was passed down through his family (so like a magical genetic disease). More specifically, he is a weredog where he involuntarily transforms into a great dane. The curse comes from Central Asia.


Honestly, I wasn’t going to, but this just gave me an idea, so… yes my story will. :rofl:




In my story, The VocaLords, Gumi is a guitarist who can sort Good souls from those who are Evil. She has cybernetic implants tattooed on her body which have been infected by a computer virus that makes her attack everyone who’s involved in the project.

Gumi’s only hope is to be saved by her former bass player Miku, who is now her Electric Angel.



Overdosing on Truth Serum can result in permanent pain every time your nervous system does the same patterns that you do while lying

Official disease Classification: Condition #001 (Because it’s the first one to be discovered by the Authority)

Non-official name used by doctors: Interrogation syndrome