Are there any fictional diseases/illness in your story?


I have only one fully formed fictional disease. A couple of characters are infected with it and it’s classified as an ‘Extinction Level Threat’ in later books. Fun times.

It’s called Skalitzia. It’s a waterborne virus that spreads extremely quickly in conditions outside of extreme heat. It can’t spread in temperatures exceeding 89 degrees Celsius. Humid conditions hasten the spreading and severity of the virus and freezing conditions can preserve strains of the virus. It rarely mutates thanks to originating as a sentient bioweapon (fantasy reasons) It’s a terminal virus with the only cure causing intense trauma to the body so it has a low survival rate, roughly 15 percent of patients survive this.

The only cure is to remove the bodily sores before moderate symptoms begin. Upon infection the subject is given a certain amount of time to live, ranging from 3 days in ideal conditions to as little as 24 hours in the worst case scenario, giving them only 8 hours before moderate symptoms begin.

The only way to remove the bodily sores and cure the virus is to burn off the sores at a temperature exceeding 90 degrees. Or the sores can be removed with a knife.

The mild or early symptoms include:

Black, pulsating, pus-filled sores on the entire body
Dirty yellow eyes
Loss of movement or sensation in areas of the body
Intense, almost unbearable pain
Increased aggression

Moderate symptoms:
Mild conditions intensifying
Mental degradation (sub-primal intelligence)
Loss of memory

Fatal Symptoms (12 hours left to live)
Absolute bodily deformation (transformation)
Complete loss of memory
Loss of articulation
Animal-like behaviour.
Development of bodily deformities and enhanced physical characteristics. Strength, stamina and endurance.

This virus creates 3 kinds of monsters. It creates standard grunts, which are just people infected with one of 3 strains. The second strain creates what are dubbed ‘enforcers’ which are heavily armoured monsters that are nearly indestructible with human equipment. The third create ‘Apex’ monsters that serve as commanders and breeders for the lower classes. Extremely rare to find anything aside from a grunt, but the one unique ‘Creator’ variant, which is the virus incarnate, is rather easy to find due to not possessing any symptoms.

The virus has no colloquial names. You said you wanted detail, i gave it. That’s just one of the virus’ i was thinking of


That sounds really cool :slight_smile: I love how well thought out it is with the different symptoms and time to develop symptoms and the tranmission vectors and how environment effects it. Really good work


Thanks, it took a while to decide what kind of disease i wanted it to be. I wanted to include some kind of extinction level event, so that’s what formed. Certainly not a nice one, the virus. :joy:


I never wrote about it, but I do have this one character.

Her name is Shiori Kano, she’s a 16 year old time traveler from the 1870s.
Shiori wears an eyepatch on behalf of her birth defect. This birth defect causes her right eye to bleed out at random times and she cannot see properly without an eyepatch. Nobody except her has seen this eye and it bleeds a lot more than normal when it is hurt (Poked, scratched, stabbed, etc).

I think I was gonna name it Kano’s syndrome because apparently she had a relative whose last name was also Kano and they discovered the syndrome, thus the namesake.

I don’t usually bring up Shiori anymore because I just used her as a roleplay character on minecraft when I still had roleplaying friends on there. She was an amazing character and I wish I had the opportunity to bring her back again, I guess?


For the book I am writing my character has a disease that causes her to here voices in her head. Although my story is still incomplete she does suffer from schizophrenia.


Fictional diseases or illnesses. Not real ones.


Well then there is one of my characters that has a fictional disease. Though I don’t want to go into detail about the chapters are in process.


cracks knuckles let’s do this.

One main disease I have in my main book is called Basque Fever. It is completely made up and it mainly affects Wolves, humans, and lycans. It is a mixture of:

-Malaria (with jaundice, and destruction of red blood cells)
-Babesiosis (body aches, high fever, and chills)
-Candida Auris (fever and resistance to antifungal medications)

Aka Basque Fever sucks. It occurs through a bacteria called Basquallis and it can be received by:

  • ingestion of bodily fluids from someone infected
    -Inhaling the bacteria through the nose in the water
    -Getting bit by a dog or cat with the parasite
    -Eating raw meat containing the parasite.

Basque Fever (also known as Gold Fever) is fatal in 70 percent of cases where the infection can take up to only 48 hours to kill. The death is gruesome as the inflicted as constantly vomiting dead red blood cells, have gangrene (where their body starts to rot due to a lack of oxygen to the limbs,) and they are overheating which causes seizures and overall an unpleasant way to die. However, there is one way (which has not been yet discovered) to defeat this disease and that is with the plant:

Minocillium (another made up thing)
-This plant is poisonous to most organisms so it is a gamble of whether you die from this disease or the plant, but those who do take the gamble have a higher percentage of living than those who don’t. The chances of death after taking the plant reduces to about 40%. However, if you were to go naturally (without the plant) then there is a small chance your immune system can handle the bug, but that is less than 30% chance and the issues after can include:

-loss of limbs
-permanent brain damage
-a weakened immune system (secondary infection is very common which will kill if not treated)

So this can affect Humans, wolves, and lycans. This disease can also be caused by something for lycans specifically: exposure to a metal that is a mix of gold, silver, and titanium. All three metals are deadly to the Lycan and if not treated or recognized in time can turn out to become the full Basque Fever. Hence why it is called Gold fever, for Lycans gold is a fatal metal to them so whenever they come into contact with gold they will get a rash, hives, fever, vomiting, but with the other two potentially fatal metals then the chance of getting this ugly bug is higher.

Note: This is actually what I want to go into when I am older (pathology,) so some terms might be hard to understand but I love this weird stuff.