Are there people out there who likes mild horror?

Is there anyone here like to make horror characters or monsters just for fun or is just me? Right now I want to work on a mini series called Marilyn Scary Adventure and it’s an mild horror series, starring Marilyn and his older sister Glam. The series is about the Dark Siblings being in scary situations while saving animals and nature. Fair warning though, my series will have;

Mild language
Suggestive themes (inappropriate outfits)


Here’s a picture of Marilyn and his older sister Glam


@RiggSessamekesh Marilyn and Glam getting ready to go ghost-hunting


Nice! So how old are they! What’s their backstory?


Marilyn’s 14 years old and Glam’s 18 years old (they’re 4 years apart)

Marilyn’s more of silent type and Glam is more of a hardcore chick who loves adventures. Their hobbies includes;

Going to the woods at night
Exploring haunted houses
Saving animals and nature

Despite Glam being the older sister, she often a ends up either in trouble or hurt and it’s up to Marilyn to save her. Marilyn may be quiet most of the time but he cares deeply for his older sister and her safety, which is why he’ll do anything to protect her from harm.


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Why did you do that?! What if I want to show pictures of my characters?! :angry:

You’re totally allowed to share pictures of your characters here. :katherinearlene:

The genre clubs are for discussions about writing so you’re more likely to find fellow authors here that you can bounce ideas off of. The Cafe is for discussions that aren’t about writing, which is why I moved it.

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I’m just here to learn about the horror genre in general

So, how’s it going to you?

Any ambassadors or anyone interested on helping me with mild horror?



Uh-Oh Hotdog
You know how it goes

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But real talk, I do enjoy mild horror

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Who’s Bubbles? You mean the character from The Powerpuff Girls?

No. It’s a reference to an old sketch show

Never heard of it

I’m all about horror!

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