Are there plans for a chatroom?


Or was that mostly intended as a test function. Not every place has one, although these are generally more classic style forums.

Also accidentally added Wattpad Feedback and Help and can’t seem to remove it.:confused:


Well the chat is still there, so there’s nothing stopping people from using it if they want.

Though these forums are pretty fast on the update, that it’s almost like using chat. Not quite. But close.


They used to have one called Meebo. But then Google bought Meebo and promptly killed it. I would love to have something like Meebo come back.


I know of a possible option.

Simple and easy to use.

It can even be embedded into other sites!


I guess what would need to be established is whether it be permanent or temporary. In IPFS it’s easy, as they have their own built in chatroom. But with “cloud” services, or just other people’s computers, a permanent seems less common.

IPFS chat is good if your browser can’t accept plugins, and you want night mode. I frequently embed it into my own websites. But its not for everyone.


I don’t know half of the terms you used.

But… the link I shared is definitely an option worth exploring.


I’ll try a test run. Just to see what the interface is like.


There are four customizable themes, too, when embedding.

I know if you go to a direct link of a chat, users can pick their own theme, too.


I am liking the minimalist design. Appeals to be industrial studio design sensibilities.

Lurvely, croaked the frog. It even has night mode.


If anyone wants to test out the live version, here’s one:

It is ridiculously easy to make these.

Simply changing what’s after the / makes a new chatroom.

Not to mention it autoclears older messages after 10 minutes iirc.

But if a chat has a set moderator, it won’t autoclear messages.


Oh, and if people are worried about anons being able to chat, there’s a way to disable anons.

But then you’d need either facebook or twitter to log-in.

Not sure what “custom nicknames” mean from the image I posted.


I’m noticing posts aren’t always going through.


That’s odd. All of mine have been going through. :thinking:


Here’s another screenshot for convenience.


@FetchingPenumbra Want to test with us?


What are we testing?




That is strange. :thinking:



There’s a little indicator to show if a message is unread.

Oh, and there’s also numbers in the tab to show new messages, too!