Are Vampire stories overly pretentious? Yay or Nay?

I’ve been reading some of the Vampire and Werewolf stories here and they all sound more or less the same. Contrived, pretentious, and downright cliched.
Do you agree?
Do you disagree?
Could this be the reason the genre is so dead?
Has it run out of ideas to recycle and regurgitate?
Will time repeat itself?
The stories that have been will be once again?


Depending on who writes a vampire story, or werewolf story could be great. I’ve read a few vamp stories on here that were amazing, but others lack something. It depends on what you’re trying to do and how you are writing it. It just matters how people do these things and what kind of twists and turns they make for it.


A story without cliches is no story, every story has some cliches! Even a Main Character… is a cliche.

But the trick is to use a cliche and turn it in such a way that it is new and refreshing. That it is interresting and shows new insights.

And that is up to the writers to write and the readers to like or dislike.

Look, there are people who don’t like new things, who want it cliched like hell. That don’t want to take time to adjust their expectations. And as long as the average reader reads the average book, it will be written!

So, if you complain about cliches, take a good look at who reads the books… and why.


I do think too many people have been treading the same ground for too long. Perhaps it’s time to move on to other mosters?


Oh, God. I hope you haven’t read mine and this is what inspired you to make this post.:sweat_smile:
But I do agree they all sound the same, even from the blurb. They’re pretty generic and cookie-cutter; no one wants to try something different or take risks. You can already tell what will happen by page 5. That is why I don’t read vampire or werewolf stories on here.

I guess for one, I’m really disappointed in the poor writing itself. The prose, the grammar, the delivery of the narrative. It’s like Wattpad is inhabited by “writers” fresh out of middle school. Even the stories that are flagged as “Wattpad” winners or have honorable mentions read like first drafts delivered by high schoolers with a poor grade in English.
So when I try to read them, I can’t.
I guess being raised on published works – books that have been edited, polished, and produced by professional writers – I find the material here lacking.
As you said, when written right, a story can be amazing.
So maybe I should have titled this topic differently.
I’m just feeling frustrated by the lack of quality.
But I’m also frustrated by the lack of originality.
The hunky high school Vampire.
The hunky high school Werewolf.
The damsel in distress.
The damsel who is “more than meets the eye”.
I just don’t know anymore…

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No, I haven’t. Not yet. Actually, you need to send me a link. When I browse your profile, it doesn’t show me what you’re writing.

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Then it’s not a cliche. If you rework it and make it “original” which is kind of a paradox in itself, then it won’t be a cliche.
Or maybe, it’ll be a well hidden cliche.

True. Though a lot of people on here write for fun and don’t worry about being published, though the others that do worry about it might have more interesting stuff in their stories.

Hmm, that’s weird! Is my profile completely blank?

That’s the problem with my story. People think they know what it will be like by page 5, then realize it’s completely different when they read the next chapter. And they don’t seem to like that.
I think they dislike being surprised. They expect the cliche. That’s what’s driving me mad as well.


I know of several vampire stories that are pretty original. I do think however that werewolf stories are much more cliche

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I’d say the majority are, especially the romance kinds, but I’ve been reading one vampire one that’s very underrated on here and pretty awesome and funny. Just depends on who writes it.

There are a lot of things I don’t like to see in stories here. And it is damn common.

But as long as there is a market and people read it… it will be written.

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Yeah, sometimes it’s downright unreadable. It’s always about a vampire academy, a vampire disguised as a high school student, a vampire king, a girl who is a vampire’s pet/slave.

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Thank you for agreeing with me.
I do wish to publish “Anthea of the Night”.
I’m also tempted to send it in to a few editors.
But I also wish to give readers the most fluid reading experience that I can.
Maybe that’s why I aspire to produce something as professional as I can manage on my own.
I don’t want to disappoint readers.

Point taken. I think that’s the problem with my book. It’s not an obvious cliche. The main characters are stereotypical, or are they? That’s what I think is turning my readers away. I didn’t follow the formula.

I found it.
Sorry, I didn’t realize I had to click on your moniker.
My mistake.
Which one should I read?

That’s the other problem I have.
On the surface, my story has a cliche setting, then you delve deeper and you see there are other layers to it.
Maybe I disguised it too well.

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Oh snap, I just created a thread asking if people can see my works. :sweat_smile: