Are you able to finish a story?


Fellow writers, I know a lot of you have trouble finishing your stories. You have numerous great ideas percolating in your brain, and they wall want to be written. So you start on many, but finish few, if any. I want to hear about what you think prevents you from reaching the end.

We all have the capacity for finishing, but what stops you?


Two reasons that I have 2-3 stories hanging around unfinished are due that I think I hit the brick-wall and I begin to think my writing is horrible.

I start too many projects and get too tangled up with other things that I often end up not finishing my stories.


Does the self-doubt come about because you feel like you aren’t doing your idea justice? Like, it doesn’t match up with what you have in your head?


I believe the self-doubt comes from me thinking my writing is bad and I can’t write rather than I am not doing the idea any justice. Maybe it is a bit of it; that I sometimes doubt my ability to convey my characters and ideas in a good way. If you get what I mean? Hahaha


Hmm, both inspiration and time I think are my two biggest weaknesses when it comes to finishing. I have to make sure I focus on one thing at a time because I have a limited amount of time to do anything.


Lol, same, but I am slowly finishing them.


Too many ideas at one time then I end up putting them on hold in order to start another. And by the time I come back to one I don’t like my writing anymore so more times then not end up abandoning the story all together.


Same. It sucks. xD


Time is definitely a limiting factor. We have to be very selective about what we do with it! Tell me more about the “inspiration” part of it. Do you feel like the creativity runs dry? Or do you get bored of it?


I get what you mean! Writing is a never-ending learning process.


I can see that happening. We grow our skills as we read and write more. Some of my old work seems not so good now when I look back at it.


Both, although mainly I just get bored. I’ve replayed the idea so much that it just kinda dies out in my head.


Oh God. My biggest hurdle is boredom. When I start a project, I think it’s the best idea to have ever come out of my head until I get about halfway through and another idea pops into my head. As I write my initial project I end up unconsciously developing the other story in my head until I get so excited to write the new one that I give in, then drop the original project. My drafts is a graveyard of half completed stories that have never seen the light.

I’m determined not to fall into the same trap this time though. I started publishing the chapters almost as soon as I started writing in an effort to put myself under a bit of pressure…


Ive never been able to finish a story but right now i’m trying to finish one for June/July
I haven even finished the first chapter so far…


I think for me it’s low esteem. I have times where I think my writing is great and I could go big…and then thoughts like “Oh GOD, how would I handle it if my book did go huge? How would I deal with all the people? Would it be harder to write? What if I say something on Twitter that’s a complete PR DISASTER?!” and then I stop writing. Or I don’t promote my book. Or I stop sending out query letters.


Maybe you’re focusing more on the plot than the characters? I personally find that my boredom levels are directly connected to how much I care about my characters. Whereas it’s very easy to get disheartened over a plot that you can’t quite iron out.

Spending as much time with your characters as possible is usually a fairly good way to stay relatively faithful to one story idea, because you tend to want to stick with characters you’ve grown to love over characters who’ve only just walked into your mind. Might just be a personal thing though.


See, from an outsiders perspective that actually sounds like the opposite of low self esteem!! It sounds like you’re really thinking about a future where you book is good enough that it becomes popular- confidence in your writing is a good trait to have! But just as getting bored is a common pitfall, so is getting ahead of yourself… And it looks like in your case it’s so severe it’s keeping you from writing! I know it sucks and I know it sounds wishy washy, but the best advice is really just to forget everything else and finish the story. Don’t worry about what comes after. That comes after.


I think you hit the nail right on the head! I was putting myself down for thoughts like that, but the way you view it makes the monster in my head seem more manageable, and gives me a solution on how to deal with those pesky thoughts. Thank you. ^.^


I can finish my stories fine, but it can take me a while to do it. I didn’t always, though. When I first started on Wattpad, I would move over to newer ideas because I didn’t know what to write next in the current story. And then when a new idea came, I had a newer passion for it.

But then I learned how to discipline myself. I learned how to control my ideas (the urge to start a new story, I mean), and I learned to plan so I knew what happened next. These are what have helped me complete four full-length novels (one at 70,000 words, one at 80,000 words, one at 56,000 words, and another at 160,000 words) and a novella (at 30,000 words). I’ll be starting my fifth novel soon. :wink:


That’s one way to stay interested in one’s story that I hadn’t thought about. Thanks for sharing!