Are you able to finish a story?


That’s awesome! Seems like it’s a big pitfall most new writers encounter. What were some of the things that helped you to control your ideas and urges to start something new?


I think for me, it’s more that I have scenes for story ideas that I want to write. What I don’t have are the events that lead up to that moment and then what happens after.

Knowing I have this problem is half the battle, so I try to limit myself to just one story at a time and I have to pick the one I feel the most inspired to flesh out. So far so good…but we shall see lol.


Nothing really. I always first envision the endings before the beginnings. So I get a good grip on what I want and how to achieve it.


I used to write for a living, so I’m pretty disciplined and work in stages: sketch, first draft, rewrite, edit, submit (or post on WP). But I’ve got heaps of sketches and unfinished first drafts. If I make it through the first draft, I’ll finish it for sure.

There are ten or so posted on WattPad, with two more in progress. I’m more confident about my writing than about the way I look. :blush:


Right now, I’m concentrating my efforts on one story, but life has been kicking my ass for almost a week now, and I’ve got two more weeks to go before life gives me a break. Since I have to watch over my dad for 12-15 hours a day every day during this time, I only have 3 hours a day for doing everything else in my life, including writing (which has slowed down my writing to a craw b/c of sheer exhaustion). I wish I had more time to write, but I have no choice but to make up for all that lost time by writing when I should be sleeping. Thus, I only get 1-3 hours of sleep a day, which is adding to the sheer exhaustion, but there is no other way to get my writing done.


For now… It’s too complicated to finish my fics. I have more real-life stuffs to do.


Alas! I feel for you. You seem to be really committed to writing, which testifies to your strength. But you probably can’t get by on so little sleep. Can you get some back-up for a couple days per week?

I’m helping my Mum, who has a couple chronic ills and a terrible temper: she’s driven off several live-in helpers. She’s mentally sharp, but needs frequent assistance with household tasks. I also do the routine maintenance on her property, which is a long way from the nearest town.

Anyhow, I wish you some better luck than you’re having right now.


I can’t. My mom’s depending on me to look after my dad when she’s at work. Otherwise, she might get fired if she misses too many days. Only 2 days a week when she’s off does it let off, but not by much. The house is chaotic with both my parents and me in it, and I get interrupted constantly.

And I feel you on the terrible temper thing. When my dad gets angry, he screams and curses and throws things. We had to call the cops a few times when he got really angry, which got him kicked out of the daycare (pending doctor’s approval for the next two weeks to get used to the new medication), which is why I’m in this current hell right now. Hope to make it to two weeks. Don’t know what shape I’ll be in by then, but I hope it won’t be too bad.


My habit of procastinating wattad over my real life work is one of the major factor for me. I have story completed in my head, in my journal but when some projects come up on real life, i leave wattpad and concentrate on those. Little delay makes me lose my interest and thus i am unable to finish my stories.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

And yeah, I think it is because while you’re new, you’re so excited to write things that you get caught up in all the new, exciting ideas that come your way. That was one of the biggest reasons why I couldn’t get past the first few chapters on most of my earlier stories.

When it comes to getting new ideas for a new story (specifically for when I’m looking for one to write—like I’ve already completed a story and need a new one to write), I often fall into the problem of how it’s not good enough. At first glance, the idea is cool, but as I try to plan it out, it’s not what I wanted and not what I feel passionate about writing (at least, not in that current moment). So my way to sift through the ideas and see which ones are great is if it stays with me for a long period of time. That means that I sleep on the ideas first before taking any action.

If I get an idea, but tend to forget about it, it probably wasn’t that great to start off with. But if I get an idea, and about two weeks later (or heck, a month later), it’s still there and I’m pumped about it, then it has to be worth writing.

Now, if I have multiple ideas that I want to write, I choose one that I’m seriously more passionate about. The rest get put to the side for later. Like, for now, I have two series that I want to write, but I’m more passionate about one series that I’ve had in my head for three years. But after I’m done with this four book sci-fi fantasy series, I’ll move onto the next series.

However, if I’m in the middle of writing a story and I get a new idea (which, to be honest, happens to me every day), I do the same thing. I wait it out to see how good of an idea it is. If it’s as good as I think it is, then I save it for later. I have a list of stories that I want to write.


Yes, this is an important thing to consider when committing to an idea for the length of a novel. For me, I just write it down in my writer’s pocket book and shelve it. If I find myself turning back to that page after a few month, and it still seems attractive to me, I write one to two chapters to get it out of my system. A couple of months after that, if the story still attracts me, then I commit to it write it all the way. That’s what I did in my current WIP during Camp NaNo 2017, and since the start of 2019, I’ve been writing it up to the 21st chapter, which I’m currently writing.


I’ve never finished a novel yet, just short stories. But the one I’m writing now is the one I’m going to finish just because I’ve been working on it for so long and I’m determined to stick with it to the end.


Because the real story hasn’t been finished yet. I tend to write things that is somewhat similar to what happened (usually to me) in real life. And since the conclusion of those stories tend to take such a long time before it happens, i am always left with this urge to finish the story but a nagging expectation that i will be disappointed whenever it doesn’t end like my story.


No, but not because I give up, but because I drag the story out too long. I have this problem that I don’t want to say goodbye to my characters. Trying to avoid that this time by outlining. It’s still going to be a long story, around 200k, but at least I know when it ends and what I need to get there.


Sincerely I need to stop when I have another idea that seems better than the one I’m writing.


That’s a really good point. After thinking about it, I’m starting to wonder if I’m not spending too much time plotting the novel and events, and not enough time fleshing out the main characters. now that I think about it, when doing character building exercises I tend to skip details that I think won’t be included in the story. Definitely something I need to work on a lot more, I think…


Over the past 2 years, I finished 4 stories so far, of the following length:

Crimson Qi (100K)
War Mage Sixteen (65K)
Stellar Cruises (50K)
She Kills Elephants & Men (17K)

The one story I had to take down is the Stellar Cruises, because I do not like its length, and I feel that it needs to be expanded to 60-70K range, but I am not sure how.

Overall, what causes the biggest problems for me is not being happy with the level of tension, and the word count. Until i feel happy with at least one of these two, i do not feel like the story is finished.


Writing a sequel is a good way to start a new story while still spending time with the characters you love.


I can usually tell when I’m not going to finish a story. If it’s just a fun idea, I write in a notebook and maybe take the idea more seriously later on. But the notebook is more just getting it out of my head rather than allowing it to cause an imagination infestation. If I’m really excited about it, I write it on here.

Luckily when I write on here, I feel pretty confident. It might not be incredible, but I have confidence in the story and a true excitement for it that keeps me going till the end.


I finished three stories in the last two months. This recent story makes the third book finished. Wattpad did one thing good, it made me able to see things through to the end more often. All three books have their own ending, but it’s a trilogy, so it follows one large storyline.

Each book is between 150 to 300 pages for sure maybe a bit more.

The trilogy starts at the ending of the story and works its way backwards. Second book is the prequel naturally, and third is a sequel to the prequel where events of book 1 and Book 2 comes together.