Are you able to finish a story?


Nope cos my short story becomes an epic and the energy disappears.


Why do you think the energy disappears? Do you get bored of your idea, maybe because you’re unsure what happens next?


I start a story not knowing how it will end, which is part of the fun.

Once the characters are developed and there’s a definite arc, I get glimpses of how it might end: it’s like a race once you can see the finish line. I don’t feel the same energy writing the last bit. The actual finish is more a work of persistence.

But when I reach the last word, I always cry. The feeling that drives me comes out in tears.


I have a very similar process! I have very little idea how it will end, and discovering that path is part of the fun.


Right! I love to inhabit the characters, who don’t know how things will turn out.

Friends say that’s too haphazard: you should work out the plot before you begin. I think of it more as a game, like chess.


If you’re writing a long story, you need to pace yourself. The events that comes needs a point of reinforcement. For instance for the books I wrote, the protagonist is described to have a cursed existence.

Now the question is “why?” Well, that’s where the build up comes. You need to get into the past of the protagonist. Naturally there will be a lot of tragedy, so you expand off of that point.

Another example can be about the enemies. Why are they like this? In some cases it would be better to give a back story to explain this before moving on.

All in all, it’s how you pace yourself. Don’t get too excited, otherwise the story can become a mess.


Which is a reason to only work on one project at a time. Thanks to the advice of a few people on here, I’ve been doing that and have finished two stories in less than a year.

I’m going to start working on two at a time because I would like to push myself and one project is a rewrite. Another will be an original story, but I feel like it would be good for me to push my boundaries to determine what I’m capable of doing.


I envision my stories to be long and journey based. But as I continue to write each chapter, I find that it may not be as great as I envisioned (when a stand alone long story).
So then I go back and rewrite everything.
I have 40 chapters on my main story atm and I realized if it takes five chapters for some answers toward the plot to happen, then it isn’t getting to the point fast enough.
So, I rewrote chapter one and am currently rewriting the rest to progress faster.
I want the end to be chapter number 40 or 50, if need be.


When I was younger I couldn’t finish my books because all I knew was the beginning and end hence and I could never get through the middle because I went into it blind.


I more or less have almost every chapter contribute to the plot one way or another. I’m not a fan of extremely long stories, so mine ends between 22 to 25 chapters. Each would total in about 150k to 200k words(could be more or slightly less per book). This way I can not only like the story, but see it through to the end. The pacing is long enough as to really impact the story as well, but short enough as to not lose interest.