Are you all happy with your current jobs?



I assume most of us on here love writing but very few of us are actually established authors or let alone even published authors.

Until that time comes, are you all happy with your current jobs/careers? Do your jobs have anything to do with the writing world? (Professor, Journalist, Editor, etc).

Personally, my job has nothing to do with being an author, but with public health. I don’t know if I can say that I’m happy as I am semi-content. I still have this goal/dream of being a successfully published author, and I work toward it everyday, or at least I try to. But I still have bills and loans to pay :pensive: and know I can’t depend on writing. And I guess it helps that I do enjoy Public Health, specifically Epidemiology. I just can’t help but feel like I should’ve been… further by now, as a writer.

So, are you all happy with your current jobs (those who have not yet published or made a name for themselves), if yes or no, why? Do you still want to make it or are you content with writing for leisure?


Yes. I wouldn’t even quit to write full time


No, I am not at all happy with my current job.

Sadly, no.

Yet again, no. Because who would want to be stuck with a two-shifts-a-week job like I am being a kitchen staff member at one of the many Boston Pizza establishments in the city I live in?

Yes, I want to make it as an author/writer, so…


Absolutely! I’m retired, and I have been for many years.


Right now I’m in college and work part-time as a painter/renovator. I paint walls, trim, doors, and shelves, mostly. I enjoy it and it’s convenient for now because I have flexible hours, but I’d never want to make a career out of it. There’s just not enough pay to support myself tbh. Plus, I’d prefer a less physically demanding job long-term. I already have back problems lol.

As far as college goes, I was majoring in chemistry because I love science. But I realized, as far as sciences go, chemistry is probably one of my least favorite so I changed my major to something with less chemistry (medical technology) and I’m looking forward to earning my degrees and getting a job after I graduate. I’m a little nervous though because hypothetically I like the new path I’ve chosen, but I just feel like you never really know until you’re actually there.

I wanted to be a writer when I was maybe 13 or 14 because I really didn’t have many career interests back then. I think I always knew I wasn’t suited for that type of work; I’ve never really had any plans to “make it” as an author, although I would like to publish a children’s/YA novel one day regardless of whatever I end up with as my “real” job. I mostly write as a hobby for myself when I have free time (so never lol)


I’m currently an aid at a school right now which I’m fine with. I majored in Elementary Education. It would be nice to someday be a published author.


I enjoy my work. I’m an operations supervisor at a children’s aquarium. Basically means I’m in charge of our admissions staff and education staff, though, I mostly focus on education while my coworker takes the admin side of things, so I do a lot of writing in my job. Though, most of it’s not creative writing, I have a great time writing speeches, workshops, games, etc for our staff to present to the public. With Halloween coming up it’s a lot of fun finding information on the more spooky animals and hamming it up a bit. I’ll take any opportunity I get to talk to people about my work, sea creatures, conservation, and annoying customers.

Is it something I want to do forever? Well, no. I’m going back to school next semester to finally get my degree and settle down a bit, but I can honestly say I enjoy my work, even if it’s not what I want to do permanently.


I’m a Sign Artist by trade and have done a variety of odd skilled jobs as well and I’ve never really looked at them as being anything more than work. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy what I do but it’s just work, if that makes sense. I don’t strongly feel one way or the other about it.


I’m a psychiatrist. I do love my job. :slight_smile: It’s very challenging and very exhausting, but it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

However, if you ask me, if I had to choose between my career and writing, I think I’d choose writing.


I’ve been hesitant to find a job do to this … untreated PTSD mixed with ADHD thing going on. I knew this one person (not my ex) that treated disability basically like it was a non thing.

But I’d like to open a Deviantart gift shop.


I love writing. It opens a self-esteem boosting door for me. It keeps my mind creative. And yes I do want to publish and maybe even sell at least a few or even go OK on one book.
That being said, no I’m not happy with my job. Cashiering, bank telling, more cashiering, paint Dept at Ace. I want to be an EMT and move to Paramedic. I let my EMT license lapse to have my babies close in age, so I’m going to get back to it. I would love to work in a trauma unit in a hospital, but if I can’t get in one close enough I’d prefer ambulance. The hours are “better” than hospital hours.


I remember a job I had in food service. It was actually kind of fun at first, and then the fun wore off quick. Met some good people though. Just think of it as temporary, as most retail/food service is. But is the pizza at least good?:grin:


Well I hope to also be happy when retirement comes. For now, I’m happy you’re happy!:grinning:


Rant Time:

I don’t even have a damn job. I just got rejected from the place I really wanted to work at. I keep putting in job applications and making phone calls but nothing is happening fast enough.


Yeah, during college I worked flexible jobs as well even if they were physically tiring.

And that’s true, I changed my majors around a lot. Well, sort of, more like I tried out classes that were under different majors before I finally settled on one. Kind of a waste of money as I’m paying off all those dreadful loans now. Anyway, you should look into finding an internship before you graduate. Something under the type of medical tech you’re looking for, so you can test it out before it becomes real.

Haha, that’s cool too! That way you have much less stress and worrying about if your work is good enough or how many rejections you may get. It’s like if you make it then great! If not, it was still just a hobby. If only it was just a hobby for me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


@JustinW11 Oh, nice! A close friend of mine is majoring in that as well, or something similar. Do you have any finished novels or plan on finishing one in the near future?

@Specterie That sounds like such a fun job!:grinning: Something I wouldn’t mind doing, well, minus the children part haha. And yup, even though it’s not creative writing it’s definitely a good way to keep up with your writing skills and even improve on them which can transfer to your fiction. Good luck on heading back to school! May I ask what you’ll be majoring in?

@tracylynnscott That definitely make sense! It’s kind of how I feel now, some days anyway. Do you aim to publish or “make it” in some other form as an artist?


Well, looks like we know where your heart really is!:wink: The great thing about your profession is I believe you can return to it at any time if the life of a writer didn’t work out. Or even do both.:grinning:


Ya’ know, I actually used to work at an educational mental health organization, and I remember having to refer people to programs that were dealing with something similar to you. Such as, dealing with people who pretend everything is A-okay. Where both the person with said illness/disorder was accompanied with the one who disregarded mental health issues. I’m not sure where I’m going with this story, it just reminded me of a problem a lot of people called in with. I think most employers just don’t understand it or rather pretend it’s not a thing.

But on another note, the gift shop sounds fun! What kind of artwork do you normally do?


Yay, I love that you love writing! Would be no point in publishing if it wasn’t loved. :slightly_smiling_face: I once looked into bank-teller jobs but when I was in college, never got any callbacks from any of the banks, maybe that’s a good thing? lol

I almost when this path! (I tried too many paths, actually :laughing:) I went so far as taking Emergency Responder courses and even worked with a fire dept. on some projects and did some minor volunteering. It was alright while it lasted, but I ultimately decided it wasn’t for me. Most of the people there had this passion/determination for it that I lacked. I think the Trauma route you’re going for sounds quite enjoyable, actually. Stressful beyond belief, but some enjoyment haha. And you’d be helping people, so that’s always a bonus.


Wow, some really great positions here. I’m just an in-house web designer, and I love what I do. I deal with both awesome, understanding clients and clients who demand stuff on the same day.

I love to write, but I’m not the greatest. My “formal” training comes from reading other published books throughout my life. Writing to me is a hobby that I do want to get some extra cash for. I want to publish my debut story eventually.