Are you all happy with your current jobs?



Trust me. I. Know. The. Feeling. Job searching is a job when you think about it, and a damn tiring one. There was this one research company I so desperately wanted to work at. The work atmosphere sounded like a dream, and I was sold on the afternoon walks with the dogs. Mind you, this research had nothing to do with animals. Sometimes I think about applying their again just to see.

Anyway, I absolutely know how you’re feeling. But you will find one. Someone will look at your resume and give you a chance. Another thing you can do is email the jobs that you’ve applied to and ask about your application. Or, for future applications, send an email straight to the company’s HR department specifying that position, with your resume (CL if they ask for it) and a brief elevator pitch of why you’d be good for it.

Sometimes you have to be a little too ambitious when job searching, and put yourself out there. But I’m sending good vibes your way!:wink:

This is why @ZonderZorg is lucky to be retired. :laughing:


If you love it then you’re not just an in-house web designer, you are an in-house web designer.:wink: I know there’s quite some coding involved with what you do, and not a lot of people can say they’re easily familiar with say… *CSS, HTML, Java or PHP. I learned some Java, but… I am very much still a beginner haha.

Well, a lot of learning does come from reading, so you’re on a good path! I think the great thing about a writer is for the most part you can always have that and a “real job” simultaneously. Are you currently working on that novel?


Haha you are correct. I’m not just a web designer, as I do enjoy it and it pays the bills. About half of my job only consists of coding CSS, HTML, etc. It’s become a focus to explore and understand user experience and functional design elements, as well as working with content management systems and eventually bringing an end product that the client can actually use.

Lol I learned more about my career field in three months than I did my 5 years in college. (Yep, I graduated a super senior, but I did a whole lot those 5 years academically that I don’t regret.)

Yep, currently I’m working on finishing it. I’m convinced that it’s got a chance in the publishing world if Wattpad thinks it should be in the Shortlist. :sweat_smile:


My plan is to do both! :wink:


Mainly I work with charcoal sketches.^^ Sometimes acrylic and water color too.


Right now I’m at a community college working on an associate’s. It’s not too expensive and I was able to get a few scholarships, so I will have no loans after I graduate! Until next fall, when I transfer to the university… definitely going to have to take out loans then :sob:. Rn I’m taking general things like organic chemistry, general biology, and microbiology. But after I transfer I’ll start taking classes specific to my major, so I think I’ll be able to really know what I think of it then. And I know I’ll have to do several internships at the hospital during my senior semesters but that’s not until the very end


Same here. Some I consider good friends/acquaintances.

Of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite. :smiley:


How far along is your friend? I’ve written a lot of stories over the years. I currently have 1 story on Wattpad that’s ongoing. When I’m done with that, I want to post a trilogy I wrote in 2015.


Oh yeah! Writing is something I think I’m good at and I was always told by my family and friends. Finally I had the cajones to do something about it.

I’m glad you tried it! It’s definitely not for everyone. I did a lot of shifts as an intern on an ambulance and you see a lot. I used to have to change and shower before I got to school to get blood off me. I enjoyed the fact I was good at it, and got to help people. I guess I thrive off stress, it’s been my life lol and bank telling was just so boring and you have to hit transaction and sales quotas. Not my thing at all. Probably a good thing you didn’t get into it. I hope you get the job you have been working hard for :slight_smile:


My current job regularly reduces me to tears both out of frustration and pain. I absolutely hate it but I’ve got medical bills to pay and can’t jump ship


Been there, done that. I wish you all the best!


@TopazGems Lol, good question! Honestly, I haven’t decided yet. I’m leaning towards English, but I want to get a few credits in and see what I like best before really cementing a choice.


Right now my spare time is spent creating chapters for the novel I have in progress here, Overhull. I have a few ideas for comics and strips and I’m a few pieces short of getting it all together. One thing I’d absolutely love to do and am practicing it atm is illustrated covers, like the ones many Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels had back in the day. I love those to pieces along with old pulp magazine covers.


I’m still looking for a job with no such luck. Been looking since I left school, and nothing. Every job I’ve applied for, I either never hear back, go in for an interview and they say they’ll contact me by the end of the week, then nothing… I almost got a job at the library not far from where I live, but didn’t get it (they’ve got my name an info down in case anything else comes up though, so I guess that’s something).

Honestly, it’s not easy finding a job here, especially when a lot require experience, and a lot need a full drivers license, which I don’t have yet (not even sure I really want one. Don’t trust myself behind the wheel, and there’s too many crashes on these roads). It truly sucks cause I really want a job as I really need the money, but no place will hire.


Wow. What a great job! That could inspire a wonderful kids’ book!


Right now, I’m teacher for senior citizens. I teach art history and I only regret I don’t do it more often, considering it’s only part time. I really enjoy teaching, I get great feedback from my students, and I would love to be given more of a chance to do it. I’d even love to do tours inside museums (it’s considered the retailing equivalent within art history academia in my country but it’s so fun and so gratifying).

I really never thought teaching senior citizens would be this fun, mostly because it never occurred to me I’d end up here. It’s hilarious at times. They’re dedicated, motivated and can start the most interesting debates!


Lol, thanks! It probably could. It is a lot of fun and I meet some super interesting people all the time.


I’m definitely not happy with either of my jobs. They’re both dead ends with no benefits. I’ve been looking off and on but I can’t afford a huge pay cut so I have to be very particular about where I apply to, which slows down the process big time. And even when I do apply the competition is so fierce that I often don’t get an interview. So it’s been a real struggle to not let it get me down, a struggle I’ve failed at lol

I’m never going to be a full time writer simply because I’ll probably never publish. My confidence isn’t where it needs to be right now for that to even be an option. Recently took it off the table completely so I can see if I can’t get my confidence would be great if o could at least quit one of my jobs and have writing as a second income, but right now it’s not possible with the way I see my writing. Hopefully someday.


I am extremely unhappy with my day job. I have tried to find something that is satisfying for work but it takes time away from my writing. For the past few years its been a bigger journey than my writing.


I work in jewelry and in auto repair. I’m happy half the time.